By Jon Egie


Archbishop Jonathan Arhavwarien

No matter the outcome of the 2019 governorship election Tribunal Judgment, Okowa will complete his second term in office as governor of Delta state.

Chairman of Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC), Archbishop Jonathan Arhavwarien gave the assurance in an interview with Spy News.

The Cleric who was responding to claims by members of the APC who speculate that the governorship election Tribunal will sack Okowa from office said power belongs to God and He only gives power to who He pleases.

But he reassured that even if the Tribunal orders a re-run, Gov Okowa will win again and complete his second term in office unhindered.

“Contrary to what people are saying that Okowa will be sent packing, I do not see Okowa being removed from office. It is not possible.”

He explained that his conviction of Okowa’s successful completion of second term in office is premised on the rotation of power arrangement put in place by ex governor James Ibori, an arrangement that entrenched equity and fairness in the power sharing order in Delta state and as God operates by laws of fairness, equity and justice, man cannot uproot the plan of God.

“What they are trying to do is to truncate the unwritten rotational order of power in Delta state but man proposes and God disposes.

“People have speculated that Okowa will be removed from office but let me ask you, those who say Okowa should be removed are they God? I can assure that man is not God. Delta state is God’s state. It is only God and if God has said Okowa should remain in office till 2023, there is nothing anybody can do. Let the Tribunal do its job, if the Tribunal says there should be a re-run and God says Okowa will win again that is what will be. Okowa has put his trust in God and at the end of the day; the name of God will be glorified.

He said there is no election in Nigeria that is devoid of litigation and that as a politician, Gov Okowa knows there will be disagreement to his victory and he has prepared for such.

“We, members of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) prayed for him to win at the polls and the same God who we prayed to will give him victory again even though people are still praying that Ogboru should come in as governor but God is not an author of confusion and so long God has chosen Okowa in 2015 and 2019, Okowa will complete his second tenure in office and hand over power to Delta central because God is God of equity and justice.