By Jon Egie

Prophet Abel Okwori

Christians have been admonished to discover their purpose of life so that life and living would be smooth and successful for them.

Cleric in charge of Word of Salvation and Miracles Centre, Ughelli; Prophet Abel Okwori gave the admonition in a sermon he delivered during last Monday’s fasting and prayer meeting.

He said those who failed to discover their purpose of life run up and down until they scatter all of their resources.

“The reason Joseph’s brothers sold him was to frustrate his purpose of life but by selling Joseph they facilitated the actualization of his purpose in life. Even at that, Joseph did not come to terms with his purpose in life cheaply; he suffered and went through many travails.

“For your purpose to stand it is not a day’s job, you have a great battle to fight before you become.

“Recall that the brothers of Joseph conspired to kill him because of his purpose in life. It is so, that no outsider is your enemy aside members of your family. But by the presence of God in the life of Joseph, his dream came true when his brothers later bowed down to him in Egypt.

“Your purpose of life must stand just as the purpose of life of Joseph stood out after he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream. That moment when Pharaoh intervened and sent for Joseph, his life changed and the direction of his purpose in life was made clear.

“Those illfated cows eating your earnings and purpose in life will die in Jesus name. Wherever your destiny and purpose of life is sold to, you will recover it.

“If there is no mistake for your enemy to punish you there would be no progress. And when Joseph’s brothers knew who Joseph was, they realized their mistakes. Your blessing will scare away your enemies.” The prophet reassured.