By Jon Egie



Dr Otive Igbuzor

Dr Otive Igbuzor

Former federal commissioner in the Police Service Commission, Dr Otive Igbuzor who aspires to be governor of Delta Delta State in 2015, has said that when elected as governor he will ignore the financial recklessness of the Governor Uduaghan’s administration.


Dr Igbuzor who was responding to a question from a participant during a town hall meeting of members of the Delta Rescue Mission, DRM, held at the Olori Motel, Ughelli described Delta State as the fourth most indebted State in Nigeria but encouraged that the weight of debt that the Uduaghan administration will leave behind after 2015 will not deter Delta State and Deltans from moving on.


“When I come into government, I will not focus on the past, because, do you know how much comes every year? If we leave all they have stolen and focus on what will come we will change the State.


As a world renowned Strategist, Dr Igbuzor described members of the Delta Rescue Mission as industrious and a people eager to struggle for change in the socio-political and economic landscape of Delta State.



DRM members at the town hall meeting

DRM members at the town hall meeting

Lamenting that with a population well over four million, the resources abundant in Delta State surpasses those of 50 countries in the world like Saotome, the Principe, Swaziland, Mauritius, Botswana, The Gambia, Lesotho, Namibia, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Luxemburg etc.


He said regrettably, there has been progressive degeneration in the socio-political and economic fortunes of Delta State since 1999.


According to him, the purpose of DRM is to focus on the welfare and security of Deltans through the provision of education and human capital development, security of lives and property, agricultural revolution, industrialization and harnessing the opportunities available in the culture, arts and tourism industry.


Dr Otive Igbuzor noted that in a State where the leaders and a few of their cronies display opulence with flagrant impunity and disdain to the feelings of the masses, and where the youths have no jobs, there must be insecurity.


“It is not enough to demolish the ancestral home of a family because one bad egg that you identify and label as a kidnapper is at large. You do not punish a whole community because of a suspect who you failed to apprehend. We will change all that system.”


Dr Igbuzor promised to identify with victims of inter-generational poverty through a social scheme, conditional cash transfer, that will give hope and provide opportunity for such victims to break the yoke and jump out of the vicious circle of inter-generational poverty.


He said he has no desire for the perks of office but the joy of service and hence he is prepared to play his part for the change of the society and challenged the participants to take a stand.


On how he plans to contain the rigging machine of the powers that be, Dr Igbuzor told the meeting not to worry about that saying “we have the capacity to challenge them, we have the international contact. I am aware of the facts of stolen elections, mandates and massive rigging but I assure you that we will counter them appropriately.


He said he will not give opportunity for Deltans to regret not making him as their choice. “I will tell them who I am and what I can do and leave the decision to Deltans and I know Deltans are no fools, they are number one.