Dr  Arhoghene Avwokerega

Dr Arhoghene Avwokerega

OBAVWOGBORU World Body Magnetic Clinic

(Providing solutions to your health challenges)


*As time changes so does the society. Certain standard becomes archaic while others become novelty as man’s quest for knowledge and excellence continues to grow.

*What is unorthodox today becomes acceptable tomorrow due to usage, confirmation, efficiency and efficacy.

*The Obavwogboru Body Magnetic Clinic is a modern day health centre, the first of its kind in the whole universe. It is the most comprehensive, effective and total over hauling system available in the world.

*Cases which are deemed hopeless and untreatable by the present day orthodox and herbal system are brought to us and we do a complete turnaround on the patient to be completely cured.

*We administer treatment on patients through the rejuvenation of the body using instant magnetic electronic body currents.

*We use the air, the most abundant resource in the universe created by God. Have you wondered why certain plants and animals without human interference live for so long? It is because they have studied nature and tapped on the importance of air. It is this research we have sourced, perfected and now use through magnetic therapy to treat the sick. It is a research that has spanned over 30 years and now is the most wonderful and effective treatment regime available for various types of diseases. It is so complete that we do not use drugs, herbs, surgery or scanning. It Is the INFUSION of AIR, tidal waves and synergy to create the complete man.

*In all our patients there has been no reoccurrence and these are mostly patients who have tried all orthodox treatments to no avail.

*It is real. Distance is no barrier,. We treat you wherever you are in the world at the comfort of your home. Where orthodox and herbal efforts terminate that is where we start from.

*We treat all broken bone injuries derived from football to motor accident, all heart problems are treated with ease. Severe burns resulting from both fire and acid can be recoated within 24 hours.

*A list of diseases we handle with ease include but not limited to : Kidney and Lungs problems, Acute pains and headaches, Malignant internal pains, Acute Fever (Typhoid), Impotence in male, Sterility problem in male, Female pregnancy problems, Gastro-intestinal problem (Stomach Ulcer), Malignant sores, Diabetes, Sickle cell anaemia, Hepatitis, Impaired hearing, Blood Pressure problems, Stroke, Partial and complete paralysis (Cripple).

Others include: Cancer, Epilepsy, Asthma, Oedema/ Watts, Spinal cord problem, clearing aura from invisible and negative projections, all spiritual poisons and Body/Bones/Veins massaging.

Our charges are high but affordable. We boast of our efficiency because in our system there is no failure.

Call us today or send SMS to: +234703 911 5630 or +234818 175 3216 or +234708 344 7105 or +234704 491 9123 or +234705 048 5095. Enquiry and query to spynewseditor@gmail.com