By Jon Egie



Emerhor Otega and Great Ogboru

The victory that Ogboru won through the instrumentality of the Consent Judgment of the Court is sweet but the victory of the unity of Ogboru and Otega will be sweeter. This remark paraphrases the statement credited to APC national chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as quoted by Prophet Jones Erue, Delta State Chairman of the APC.

The feud that led to a dichotomy of the APC in Delta State is hinged on arguments, for and against, and even outright disregard of the PDP philosophy of fairness and equity in sharing of the opportunity of being the governor of Delta state among the three senatorial districts: Central, South and North.

Deep thinkers have interpreted the philosophy, anchored on zoning arrangement, to be thought out of selfish interest in favour of a particular political family, the Ibori political dynasty and since its introduction and implementation; the outcome has actually thrown up the sons and daughters of the political family as benefactors.

The average Deltan may not really have had problem with the arrangement, which supporters argue is fair for the three gates of a father with three wives but for Dr Ifeanyi Okowa and his style of administration. The nepotism, crass indifference to the pains of Deltans and especially his attitude towards the welfare of primary school teachers and local government workers-no matter the intelligent explanation he gives to exonerate his complicity- made a significant number of Deltans to have a re-think about carrying on with the idea of zoning or not.

It is on record that Chief Great Ogboru has observed the lack luster style of governance in Delta state since 2023 and has thrown in the towel to take the challenge to be elected as governor and change the order and the living standard of citizens of the state.

Among others, this lofty idea could be adduced to be the reason why Olorogun Emerhor Otega also aspired to throw in the towel but has not been able, even while in PDP and APC.

In 2015, the victory of the PDP’s Dr Ifeanyi Okowa as governor was largely attributed to the feud between Chief Great Ogboru and Olorogun Emerhor Otega when they both failed to reconcile their differences and form alliance against the zoning principle of the PDP. Unfortunately, after the loss they reconciled. The scenario is playing out again with the same stimulant acting as catalyst. Zoning!

Reports had it that whereas, Ogboru has noble intention of kicking against the zoning arrangement which obviously would fence him out of the opportunity to contest and if elected, marshal his plan for a better Delta State that citizens would be proud of; the intention of Otega is built on personal political pursuits to attain the status of the governor of Delta State by 2023.

As revealed, his move in encouraging the zoning concept was to use his stooge, Victor Ochei to grab the opportunity that the zoning would provide to the north, since Okowa is a bad sell and Buhari will win again, to become governor and harbinger for him till 2013.

It was even learnt that an accord was reached between Otega and Ochei as to the sincerity of purpose, ensuring that all parties kept faith with their words, and one of the key elements of the accord was for Ochei to sign that he would do only one term and hand over to Otega in 2023 and the other was for Engr Adjogbe, the NDDC guy, to be appointed as SSG to oversee the business of governance of the state under Ochei until Otega came on board.

The plan which was already perfected, signed and sealed was to be punctured and destroyed by the duo of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and Chief Great Ogboru with his Ship of Hope followers by the effect of the Consent Judgment.

Victor Ochei is not happy that his hope of easy ride to becoming the governor of Delta State for one term as agreed- but pundits and those familiar with the character of the former speaker of the DTHA say Otega’s ambition would have been a pipe dream with Ochei as his herald- is seen dashed.

All members of the APC and even among PDP fold are convinced that President Buhari will be re-elected and the band wagon effect would promote the chances of the APC guber candidate in the state and that is why there is vehemence in hanging on zoning or no zoning as a life line.

Olorogun Emrhor Otega too, is not happy that his hope of becoming governor in 2023 has been dashed. These two have formed an alliance, such that Otega could not form with Ogboru in 2015 and now, against Ogboru and would seek any slight opportunity when he lowers guard, to strike and grab the life line opportunity.

It is this hope that “there could be a chance” that has engendered the remainder of the Otega group to be adamant to reconciliation with the Ogboru group.

We learnt that their hope for a second chance was lit by a recent policy statement issued by the national chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole when he said that henceforth, primaries of the APC would be by direct election, that is, card carrying members would vote to elect a candidate for the general election.

Otega, still hopeful of making Ochei governor who would in turn hand over to him in 2023 is encouraged by this policy statement because, according to a member of his group, a diehard believer and proponent of the “Land lord Forced to become a Tenant “ syllogism ,members of  the Otega group are patiently waiting for when primaries of the party would be held and they who form a greater number of card carrying members of the party would “show Ogboru pepper” by voting Ochei to actualize the Otega 2023 zoning plot.

The idea is that no matter the popularity of Ogboru among Deltans if he does not get the party ticket through the direct voting process as enunciated by Oshiomhole, he would not contest the election and it would be too late for him to find his feet in another political party and therefore, Otega would win the day and laugh last.

Ogboru needs to increase his popularity among the APC family so that when the primaries are held, Otega’s chances of victory would be slim. To be forewarned is to be for armed.