By Jon Egie




Sir Hon Joseph Uhawha addressing members of the group during the meeting.

Sir Hon Joseph Uhawha addressing members of the group during the meeting.

Aggrieved youths of Ewu axis in Ughelli South LGA under the aegis of Agitators for Good Governance Movement (AGGM) have insisted that the group will continue to confront the present day government of Delta State until their voice is heard.

Addressing members of the group during a meeting held on Sunday, March 4, in Ewu; the Coordinator of the group, Sir Hon Joseph Uhawha stressed that the group was not out to fight Gov Okowa per se, but to fight for the development of the Ewu axis of Ughelli South LGA.

He noted that negative reactions trailed the outcome of the group’s earlier meeting with various interest groups and individuals calling for the scrap of the group and going further to issue threats to the leadership of the group.

Unperturbed, he declared that the group will grow and continue its agitation for good governance by engaging the Delta State government in constructive criticism, especially representatives from Ewu in the Okowa led administration if they do not do well and praise them when they do.

He believed that Gov Okowa does not really intend to marginalize Ewu but located the blame of under development of the area on Ewu indigenes in the Okowa government who have become barriers to the development of Ewu axis. He argued that with the few number of Ewu indigenes in the Okowa government, some level of development ought to have been recorded for the past three years, but that was not to be.

“Why are they afraid of this group? Is the government of Delta State not performing? If the Governor is not performing what have they done?” Uhawha asked.

He lamented that the representatives of Ewu in the Okowa led government of Delta State have distanced themselves from the people in spite of the largesse made available to them by the governor to empower the people.hen a fire is set throw in what you have to roast as others do otherwise, when the fire is out you will eat your fruit raw. That is what we are doing” Uhawha explained.

A leader of the group, Mr Ugbogure Oteri alias Ogbolo in his remark encouraged Hon Uhawha to remain steadfast and committed to the growth of the group and urged him to ignor any threat from Ewu indigenes in the Okowa administration. He pointed out that members of the group are the force that have been active in the prosecution of elections in the local government and still remain active abd reliable for the 2019 general elections and not the so-called big -names.

He observed that the Ewu axis in Ughelli South was robbed of its opportunity to produce the council chairman in the recent local government election and assured that if Gov Okowa could restitute or compensate the Ewu axis with meaningful appointment, they would reciprocate the gesture by giving him enmasse’ support in the 2019 governorship election as they gave him in 2015. “Once that is done, Okowa could be rest assured of our support” he said.

Mr Sanomi Theophilus, another leader of the group in his comment charged the group to realize that the future of Ewu axis in Ughelli South lies in the hands of the young and not in control of the elderly who cannot run in the field during elections but boast of being in possession of the votes of Ewu. He declared that unless the people of Ewu axis have an assurance of development projects “we will do something in 2019 because we can no longer work for nothing”

He said for the past three years there has been no project in the Ewu axis –not even a manually operated bore hole, no electricity, nothing. “So, if we must support anybody henceforth, we will have to assess that person properly. We have no confidence in PDP leaders from Ewu axis, we will fight for our people and will not be afraid of threats from the leaders. After we have worked they mount sign boards of beware of dogs so that we cannot access them. So, we must fight for ourselves and let the government know of our plight

“Before the election they curried favour from us and after that they abandoned us. We need these empowerment and appointment they promised. We are aggrieved that a DESOPADEC Commissioner from Ewu axis has no project to show for his office. Who among the indigenes of Ewu axis in Okowa government has related with the people to ask of their welfare? Give us appointment, execute projects in Ewu, this is our call on Gov Okowa” he concluded.