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Oba of Benin

Oba of Benin

Celebration of the one year anniversary of the Benin Monarch on the throne of his fathers ended recently with the memory lingering as it did not only once again showcased the rich cultural heritage of the ancient Kingdom to the world but also revealed some charisma of the Oba.

One may not be wrong to say the event revealed that the highly revered Monarch; Omo N’ Oba N’ Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Ewuare N’ Ogidigan II is a charismatic personality; very receptive and serving as a unifying factor across tribal boundaries, lover of children, one who smiles a lot whenever there is a reason to do so, and enjoy sharing jokes like his father, Oba Erediauwa. And sometimes; even shares his secrets with those around him.

The Durbar display from the northern part of the country which was scheduled to hold on the 19 October, 2017 as one of the activities marking the anniversary was disrupted by heavy downpour and could not hold till the next day; 20 October, 2017 which was the coronation day anniversary proper and his birthday.

The Monarch in reaction told the gathering that while it rained on the day, he was not disturbed one bit because in the affairs of the Palace and Benin Kingdom generally; “It is important to always submit to the will of the Almighty.

“We submit to the power of our Ancestors to direct the affairs for us here in the Palace. We leave a lot of things and our destiny, future, tomorrow and the future yet unseen to the will and direction of our ancestors.”

A revelation which no doubt, speaks volume about the depth of the Monarch’s belief in the power of the super natural and the need for everyone to surrender to the will of the Almighty creator and also as Africans not to neglect our ancestors as a way of religion.

As a custodian of the culture and tradition of the people of the Benin Kingdom, he did not pretend about this.

Appreciating the Durbar display on the day, Oba Ewuare II maybe jokingly let the gathering into his secrets.

“I will let you into a bit of my own secrets; I used to ride Horseback!

“I learned to ride horse back when I was in the U.S.A. Maybe, not in the Dubar style but more for pleasure and I did enjoy my horseback riding here because each time I visited the north with my father, the Emirs always give me a horse as gift and on getting back to Benin, I pleaded with my father to please let me ride this horse.

“It took me six months or more to persuade my father to get on that horseback because he was worried that the son and heir, might be thrown off the horse and he was not sure what would happen after that.

“But I quickly allayed his fears when I rode on horse back, I rode all the way from Etete across the city through Airport road, straight to the Palace.

“I was happy I rode my horse back with a lot of affection and pleasure. I remembered that time too, my father enjoyed that ride and after that he let me keep on riding until they moved the mounted troop out of Edo State.

“So when I saw these horsebacks, it reminded me of all that as well. But it reminded me of more; the historical part of Benin.

“Perhaps some of you will know that the empire of Benin was expanded, Benin had very strong alliance with the Portuguese; they brought horses, with that alliance to expand the Kingdom, expand the empire. So the horseback is very important; it is still very ceremonial in Europe.

“When I was ambassador in Sweden, my time in Norway and Denmark, I was put on horse back to meet with the Head of State, the Queen or the King to submit or present my letter of credence. It was also on horse drawn chariot. So the horse has been a wonderful vehicle for mankind.

Commending the horse men for their wonderful skill, he sent greetings and appreciation to his friends; the Sultan of Sokoto, Emir, the Etsu of Nupe that “we must continue our rapport, continue this relationship; we will build upon this relationship to make Nigeria greater country.

“We will build on this relationship to bring peace and harmony to the country. We will build on this relationship to enable the Federal Government in his policies  interact and relate with all other African countries in the continent.

Particularly, the Monarch was pleased with the remark from the Sultan of Sokoto that the whole of northern Nigeria was behind his reign as the Oba of the Benin Kingdom.

“I want to thank you for that remark. When the whole north is behind me, it means the whole north is behind Benin Kingdom. So, I thank God and our Ancestors for making it possible for me   or choosing me to be the one to bring our northern brothers and whole of that part of Nigeria to align with this part of Nigeria for greater good of everybody.”

According to belief of people of the Benin Kingdom, the Monarch is indeed a god King; and that Oba Ewuare II has truly demonstrated in all his actions and utterances since ascending the throne one year ago.