By Jon Egie



Mr Fred Erukanure

People’s Trust (PT) has charged Deltans to discount calls by ethnic bigots who want to use ethnicity as an instrument to curry political support.

Reacting to recent media statements credited to some politicians across the state, the Delta state chairman of the party, Mr Frederick Erukanure said such statements were not necessary going by the trend of the present day political reality in the state.

He observed that some political activists in the state have little or no knowledge of their political units and the welfare of the people in such units but for selfish interest attempt to mobilize the same impoverished people to give support to their principals using the instrument of ethnicity and whipping up tribal sentiments even when their party has demonstrated crass indifference to the welfare and development of the people at the grassroots.

“We at PT are mobilizing Deltans to vote, not according to political party but by the pedigree of the personality a political party has presented for election. Our support goes to such personality who has a track record of empathy and appeal for the development of human capital and infrastructure at the grassroots.

“We are doing away with selfish politicians. We are not voting for any politician that has not brought the dividends of democracy to the people”  Erukanure said.