By Jon Egie


HRM, Etuvwede 111 flanked by high chiefs of Uzere kingdom during the occasion

Uzere people, Saturday, June 29, celebrated the 8th anniversary of the enthronement of Odhebe Odhiwu, HRM, Henry Etuvwede 111 as King of Uzere.

The event witnessed the conferment of chieftaincy titles on deserving sons and daughters of the kingdom as well as presentation of merit awards to others for their contribution to the preservation and promotion of the traditions and customs of the kingdom.

The three communities of the kingdom: Uheri, Ezede and Uweye; the Ewheya (women folk), youths, council of chiefs and social cultural groups were in attendance.

The Edion Emuzo, Ivri dance group and the Eluega female royal dance troupe of Ozoro exhibited performances to entertain the audience.

In an interview, the Ovie of Uzere, HRM, Henry Etuvwede 111 said he was very excited for his eight year on the throne.

“Some people thought we could not make it but nobody can question God. I dedicate the peace and progress enjoyed by the kingdom so far to God and urge all indigenes of the kingdom to put their hands on deck so that the plan God has for the kingdom can come to pass.” The king said.


Uzere council of chiefs at the occasion

In a separate interview, one time President General of the kingdom, Chief Emiakpor Owhe in elation said the need for the celebration of the 8th anniversary of the enthronement of the king cannot be underplayed.

He pointed out that for the past eight years; the Uzere kingdom has experienced peace and progress never recorded in the recent past.

According to him, the era of HRM, Etuvwede 111 has brought awareness of the individual constitutional rights and limitations of indigenes and more so, “cultural awareness has been brought to the fore.


Eluega female royal dance troupe of Ozoro performing during the occasion.

“There are economic reforms and the Grand Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) between the kingdom and the operating oil company (Heritage) which had earlier been resisted is coming to stay and the kingdom is marching on. The GMoU promises to increase the per capita of the average indigene as they are ready to demand their rights and insist that the interest of Uzere people comes first.

“Following this, the harvests from cultivation of groundnuts and fishing which are predominantly the preoccupations of the people of Uzere have increased from enhanced petro-naira accruing from implementation of the GMoU.”

He appealed to indigenes with dissenting views on issues concerning the throne and the kingdom to join hands with the developmental efforts of HRM, Etuvwede 111 to move the kingdom forward.

“If we have wronged them in any capacity they should forgive and forget, trace back their steps and join forces with us to move Uzere forward because the community is greater than any one of us so that we can harness our resources for the common good of all.”


Uzere women in dance of honour to the King

He hoped that with the rate of progress on track, the kingdom plans to own a turbine for generation of electricity, expects more tangible social infrastructure and pursue establishment of higher educational institution in the kingdom.

He believed that changes require sacrifices and therefore, called for a resolution of all disputes in the kingdom, especially those who want progress of the community, stressing that the Ovie of Uzere was receptive to anybody who meant well for the development of the kingdom.

He added that efforts were on ground for significant revival and improvement of the culture of Uzere people with a view to expanding her cultural frontiers so that the indigenes of Uzere could be proud of their cultural identity.

Highlight of the occasion was the royal dance step led by the king and assisted by others inresponse to the Ivri dance drum beat.