By Jon Egie




Chief Oviri Uto

Chief Oviri Uto

One time Chairman of Ughelli South LGC, Chief Oviri Uto has endorsed the candidacy of Dr Richard Kofi on the platform of the PDP for the forth coming local polls in Ughelli South.

In reaction to pockets of protest by some groups in Ewu-Urhobo over the candidacy of Dr Richard Kofi, the former council boss in an exclusive interview said the choice of Kofi to fly the flag of the party in the local government election was a consensus decision of the leadership of the party in Delta State and Ughelli South LGA.

He said the governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa reserved the right to support any person who he is convinced will contribute meaningfully to the success of his administration and as such, any candidate he throws his weight behind is the choice of the party because he is the leader of the party at the State level “and we will work with the instructions of the governor”.

He noted that having ancestral roots from Ewu-Otor, Okparabe, Arhavwarien, Effurun-Otorand Oviri-Olomu communities no one is more grounded than him in the politics of Ughelli South stressing that the Ewu axis of thr local government area having done its turn and by Providence is unable to do another consecutively, should abide by the decision of the party leaders.

“We cannot challenge PDP, the leaders have spoken and that is what they want so let it be” he said.

He warned that any attempt for any aspirant to resist the decision of the party leadership will be futile since any such resistance will call for their participation in a primary election where ultimately they would fail.

He advised those hurt by the decision of the party leadership to endure the pains and wait for their turn.

“They should wait for their turn and take me as a key point. I did not know I was going to be a LG Chairman but God decided to put me there. If I could make it any other person can make it as far as I came from nowhere to become a LG Chairman, anybody else can . So, I advise them to wait for their turn and God will locate you at the appropriate time.”

Speaking on the preparation of the PDP to win the 2019 governorship election, Chief Uto said the PDP has had some ups and downs but has successfully settled down to face the next political challenge assuring that the party would come out strong. But he warned that any attempt by the leadership of the party “to give us an unpopular candidate we will run that person down”.

He said: “Look, when it comes to the governorship election, I always tell the governor and I am very blunt about that, to examine himself,  if what he is doing pleases God.

He said the present team of the governor was not the best and feared danger ahead of the 2019 governorship election if the Governor Okowa does not make tactical and strategic changes be for the election year.

“I told the governor the people on board now are not the First Eleven and he needs to make some changes otherwise we will run into problem. I have told him, I have told his followers, his friends and some of the Commissioners. They are not the First Eleven and the governor has to go back to the drawing board to field the people that will deliver him and work with them”

Asked if the governor fails to heed his advice, Uto said: “we are watching, we know what to do.”