Hon. Prince Ben Omote Oru

Hon Prince Ben Omote Oru is a PDP chieftain in Ughelli North LGA. An arch supporter of Governor Uduaghan and political assistant to the the governor in this interview with Jon Egie laments that the Urhobo race is heading towards self destruct. He says the DPP did not merit the votes they got at the April 26, guber polls alleging that the military aided and abetted the DPP to coerce people to vote for them.

Sir, the governorship election has been conducted and the PDP has been declared the winner. How will you describe the victory of the PDP at the guber race, was it describe or merited?


If I am to use a word to describe the victory I will say it is over merited, if I am permitted to say that. It is over merited because here is a party sponsoring a candidate and going all out to campaign. We went to all nooks and cranny of the state and did a very thorough job of campaigning on the plat form of one man, one vote which they went on to exhibit on the polling day. Therefore, I cannot find a word good enough to describe the victory. It is the best that should happen to the best.

The PDP has been accused to have financially induced voters to cast votes for them, what do you say to that?

Who has been accused?

The PDP Sir.

That must be very interesting. We are all living witnesses to the events that happened on the polling day and we know those who did not only give money to people but they went out to apply maximum force aided by the military to force people to vote for them. PDP did not plan to give a kobo to anybody to vote for it, PDP did not give any kobo to anybody to vote for it. We all know that DPP, with the money we hear was made available by some people in the banking industry, they went all out to induce the people with money and those they couldn’t induce they used the military to force them to vote for them.

Comparing the governorship election to the presidential election, would you say the governorship election was free and fair as well as violent – free?

The presidential election cannot be compared to governorship election because virtually, all parties agreed that the president should be President Goodluck Jonathan there couldn’t be any reason for anybody to be violent on the day of the presidential election. But it was a different scenario, a different ball game altogether during the day of the governorship election when DPP aided and abetted actively by the military, went out to force people to vote for them, to flog people and to harass people all over the place. It was not that the military was even hiding to do it, they were doing it in public glare. The violence that we saw on the day of governorship election can only be equated to atomic bomb of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The DPP prepared for war and they wanted to execute war but not balloting.

Are you insinuating that the 12 LGAs that the DPP won and the votes scored by Ogboru were not merited?

Of course, DPP did not merit any vote. We know the characters who are in DPP. They are people who have failed businesses and are finding way to lay their hands on the public till to revive their businesses and that was the reason why they went the way they did, they did not deserve any single vote not in the colour and shape of the programmes that they seem to have and not in the manner of the people running the place.

How would you assess the mood of Deltans across the state immediately after the election result was declared by INEC?

You can locate the reactions of Deltans in Delta North where it was much freer and fairer the people are in full support of the victory of the PDP and have been celebrating it. The same thing applies to Delta South. It is this, what I will call ethnic superiority complex that the Urhobo man is suffering from, that has brought out very violent group of Urhobo men to man the DPP and to force the party down the throat of the people. It is in Urhobo land that you have that kind of people, it is in Urhobo land that you have scenario that was violent wrought by DPP kingpins and their supporters. Therefore, knowing that in Nigeria if you win then it was free and fair, if you loose then it was not free and fair; that is the general attitude of the Nigerian especially those in the opposition who have taken it upon themselves as a way of life since they started fielding in the politics of Delta State to go out there after the results have been declared to demonstrate violently. I want to thank the press for being honest enough to report that Urhobo women in Warri marched to General Ejoor’s place to go out to protest. Mark the word, Urhobo women, and the whole problem we have today is that the Urhobo people have always had the superiority complex, they believe that the only person who should be the governor of the state is an Urhobo man as if this state is an Urhobo state. And every time they go out they want to force people to accept an Urhobo man, when everybody owns a thing that thing belongs to everybody. Delta State belongs to everybody, it is not an Urhobo State and it is wrong for the Urhobo race to begin to go out every time to make people believe that if it is not an Urhobo man then the end must come, that is what we witnessed and the reactions to the declaration of the PDP and that of Governor Uduaghan has always also been in that direction. That direction of the Urhobo man never wanting to accept another person to be governor of this state. But few of us who are Urhobo people, who know better, who know that for us to enjoy the peace that we have in this state now, we must give and take. Urhobo has been on the side of governorship of Delta State for so long. This is the first time a non-Urhobo is coming and Urhobo man would not let him come back, sleep and rest. This is the problem we have and that is the reaction you see and like I told you, the reaction is located, it is peaceful up North, peaceful in the South but a few Urhobo elements in Asaba tried to protest there. Go and ask, they will tell you that Urhobo residents in Asaba were the ones who went to protest there and of course, because they were operating in a different environment they couldn’t go far with their protest. The Urhobo race is a race that is priming itself for destruction because when you create enemies all over the place then you will have a situation similar to that of the Spartans who fought everybody and won everybody and when they had nobody to fight they fought themselves into oblivion. That is where Urhobo race is headed until they learn to change their way, Urhobo race will fight itself out of existence.

What do you think should be the position of the critics of Governor Uduaghan now that Uduaghan has won?

They remain Deltans and they will enjoy the good governance that Dr. Uduaghan has to offer, that is their situation. They should be humble enough to accept that they lost and to allow the man to deliver the dividends of democracy for them to enjoy. They have been enjoying them in the hospital, by way of public transport, roads, street light, security, enhance infrastructural development in the state even empowerment through the micro-credit scheme; they have been enjoying them but they are despondent people and they will not come out and say they have been enjoying these things. They will continue to enjoy these things that is their position.

So you expect further antagonism on the Udughan regime from the critics?

When you are talking about the critics you should narrow it down to the Urhobo man and to a man who with all respect but is suffering from adult delinquency, I don’t want to call is name. They are the ones who are the critics, we should expect more criticism from them.

The governor apologized in church to those he may have offended to forgive him, the new government is going to start from may 29, what are the areas of improvement you expect from the governor?

I want to situate the apology of the governor, if I heard him well what he was saying is, I don’t know what I have done wrong. I have done much for you people yet some of you are so loud in criticizing me, please don’t criticize me again, I know am doing well, try to accept that I am doing well. That is the way I understand what we are referring to as apology. We will use apology in its right sense if the governor did anything wrong that needs to be apologized for. The man has been delivering the dividends of democracy to the people, so like I said he was saying, inspite of all I did for you people you still criticize me, please don’t criticize me again let me do the good job that I am doing. That is the way I see what you call apology. For every human situation there is room for improvement, the man has come out with a three point agenda which he has been pursuing with all vigor and enthusiasm, no doubt there must be one or two places here and there where there will be improvement and I expect that when such situations arise, there is always a room for every thing already done well to be done better.

Finally sir, how do you predict the fate of Deltans economically in the next four years of Udughan’s administration?

When we talk about economic situation we must all understand that government gives the enabling environment for development to take place and this environment the PDP government in Delta state is providing. It is left for the people to harness the available resources for their own good and the good of society. The governor will continue to sustain the environment for development, government will play its part and I believe the people should play their own part more for meaningful development to take place.

Thank you very much sir.