By Jon Egie



The couple

The couple

The Urhobo traditional marriage procedure was observed to the letter, Thursday, April 11, when former Miss Aghoghorovie Ryta (A School Teacher) was joined in marriage to Diemiruaye Akoforo (An Architect) at the quiet university community of Ugbomro in Uvwie LGA.

As the Urhobo tradition demands, the families of Snr. Apostle Thomas Erukakpomre (father of the bride) and Pastor Fidelis Dafiaghor (father of the groom) observed the exchange of presentation of drinks and cola nuts in the Urhobo hospitality spirit of give and take coined, Aganuzo.

As guests were busy enjoying the entertainments both families withdrew to the house of the bride’s father where the marriage negotiation procedure was executed.

The requirements meant to seek the consent of the family of the bride to give out their daughter in marriage were called one after the other and the groom’s father, Pastor Fidelis Dafiaghor from Ughevwughe in Ughelli South LGA was on hand to provide each one as demanded.

After exhausting the list, the Erukakpomre family’s Spokesman announced the cost of the bride price for their daughter to be N30, 000. Responding, the groom’s family considered the radiant beauty of the bride and juxtaposing that with the cost, agreed to the bride price proposal but pleaded for a reduction as all the in-laws-to-be knelt down in humility before the bride’s family according to Urhobo tradition in marital negotiation.

Appreciating the humility of the groom’s family, the bride’s family proceeded to reduce the bride price step by step as the in-laws-to-be continued to kneel to plead for a down size of the bride price.

Finally, the bride price was pegged at N120 and joyfully the groom’s family thanked their host for their kindness and understanding to seal the marriage deal.

That phase concluded, the test of sincerity of the in-laws-to-be was carried out when a member of the bride’s family was invited to taste the palm wine the groom presented to verify if it was good for consumption.

The first and second trials proved the palm wine to be sour but when ‘something’ passed through the hand of the match-maker for the groom to the palm wine verifier, a third trial declared the same jar of palm wine to be excellent and good for consumption.

The drama heralded the groom and his father extending the same cash passing to other members of the bride’s family in appreciation of their consent to give them a wife.

Next stage, the bride was invited and asked to confirm if she was in love with the groom and would be happy to be his wife and after an affirmative declaration the bride’s father proceeded to bless the couple and united them as husband and wife.

Thereafter two married women who were fruitful in their marriages were invited to lay the bride on the lap of the groom; that done, both families jubilated as the marital rites were concluded.

In separate interviews, the groom said he was attracted to his wife by every thing about her.

“She is the sort of woman I craved for. I feel like heaven today that we are married. We hope to build a home that every one will admire” he said.

Pastor Fidelis Dafiaghor who is the father of the groom in joy said, “I am a happy man to be alive to see my son is marrying. I am highly delighted and grateful to God”. He advised the couple to see marriage as different school entirel as a blend of two different characters are joined together and as such, tolerance should be the watch word and guidance.

Chief Aniatus Dafiaghor, Head of the Dafiaghor family in his comment said it is exciting when you have young children in the family getting married more so when the couple are outstanding and prayed that they grow and develop themselves.

For ASST Supreme Senior Apostle Ballantyne Eyione, a guardian and husband to the elder sister to the bride it was a day of joy. He felt elated because the bride was like his own daughter. He described the groom as one of the luckiest men on earth.

“She lived with me for a long time. She fears God and is content with little. I am happy to receive the Architect and he has become my brother.”