By Pat Eme


Chief Joseph Omene, PG of UPU

Chief Joseph Omene, PG of UPU

Chief Joseph Omene the President General of Urhobo Progressive Union (UPU) has said that his purported impeachment by a faction of UPU is  unconstitutional as the constitution of UPU article 29 states that at least seven members of the executive shall form a quorum and the seven members must include the President General and the Secretary or any of this two persons but that the supposed meeting where claim that he was impeached did not meet the criteria as neither himself (The President General) nor the Secretary was present, and hence the claim of his impeachment  is an act of illegality, unconstitutional and therefore null and void.


He said all those purported to be present at the meeting were holding positions of assistants to the key officers of the union and do not have the constitutional right to call for a meeting declaring that whatever  Chief Onoge is doing is of no effect.

Speaking with newsmen in his Mosogar residence on Friday, Feb. 13, Chief Omene said his purported impeachment is a fall out of the UPU consultations with stake holders with respect to who should be endorsed as Urhobo representative for governorship election in Delta State in line with the Uvwiamuge Declaration which became important because of the obvious marginalization Urhobo nation.


He said presently 14 out of 15 positions of federal appointments for Delta State are occupied by indigenes of Delta North not to mention the fact that the State Capital is in Delta North and “ if 14 out of 15 federal positions can be hijacked what will a Governor from the North not hijack?.

“The dream of UPU for today is to achieve the position of the Governor of Delta State, how to achieve this dream is a different ball game. UPU met with President General of the 24 kingdoms of Urhobo land and other stake holders and they said Ogboru should be endorsed.


“APC was invited at a time to state their stand on the governorship position. Their team was led by Chief Frank Kokori who told them that as at then, they do not have a governorship candidate.

“UPU is not against any Political Party but their concern is support for an  Urhobo candidate irrespective of the party he/she belongs.  Today, UPU has endorsed Great Ogboru as their governorship candidate while people like Chief Onoge and others wanted UPU to endorse Oterga, but before Ogboru was endorsed, Oterga was called and he said he was in London attending to important issues. It was after UPU has endorsed their candidate that he came up with his intention/ambition of governing the State.

“UPU’s intention is to field only one Urhobo candidate for the election and this is not the first time it has happen; it happened in the time of Olorogun Felix  Ibru, Okumagba etc even recently, the deputy governor , Prof. Amos Utuama was asked to step down for Chief David Edevie during PDP Primaries and he did, nobody sought to crumble UPU in all these.

“A school of thought advised UPU to wait till after the Presidential election before endorsing anyone. These same people that gave the advice left the UPU meeting and went to endorse an Urhobo candidate in the person of Oterga.

“It was Chief Onoge who suggested in one of our exco meeting after Uduaghan has presented Obuh as PDP candidate for the PDP Primaries, that UPU should not close her door to other Urhobo candidates and Ogboru’s name was mentioned in that meeting. It was only Ogboru that has come to present himself to UPU for the position of governor. It was later that Oterga came to me to indicate his interest and I advised Oterga to wait for another time but Oterga refused. It was then decided to watch his weight during the campaign to see how popular he will be.

On the call for his resignation, Chief Joseph Omene said “nobody should listen to every silly comment from the street.”

On the Presidential election, the UPU PG  restated that the Urhobo people will give their votes to President Jonathan but for the governorship UPU will vote for Urhobo candidate in the person of Chief Great Ogboru.