By Jon Egie





Chief Christopher Emaye-Obiuwevbi Ominimini declares the UPM stand on no to zoning

Chief Christopher Emaye-Obiuwevbi Ominimini declares the UPM stand on no to zoning

Chief Olori Magege, Chairman, Waste Management Board has described as “unfair” the recent stand of the Urhobo Political Movement (UPM) on the issue of zoning of the governorship seat of Delta State.


Chief Magege made the remark while reacting to the call by the UPM on all credible sons of Urhobo land who are desirous of contesting the 2015 guber election in Delta State to join the race.


He said the call is very deceitful and devoid of the honour of a gentleman’s arrangement.


According to him, the issue of zoning or no zoning is a political party affair and not a tribal affair and as such if the PDP decides to bring their guber candidate from Delta North, the APC could decide to bring theirs from Delta Central.


He further described the resolution of the UPM as a personal opinion of the members of the group which needs to be respected but required no definite response by him since he is not a member of the group.


He however stressed that there are always arrangements, whether implicit or explicit, in politics and that since politicking is about negotiation on the various terms and interests of the actors, to say that there was no zoning is for the members of the UPM to say that they do not understand the dynamics of Delta politics.


For him, democracy is about negotiation and the continuous protection of the interests of the actors where one may make a sacrifice today for a greater tomorrow.


Asked if he believed in seeing the successor to Governor Uduaghan coming from Urhobo land, Chief Magege said whoever succeeds Uduaghan will be decided by the generality of Deltans but stressed again, that Urhobo must build bridges and be part of the ongoing negotiation.


He expressed no surprise at the agitation of the APC to take over government of the federation in 2015 saying they (APC) were defending what they believe to be their own interest whether they win or not.


“But I know they will not win. Jonathan has the constitutional right to contest 2015 presidential election. PDP I s very resilient and those leaving the party will return” he said.