By Jon Egie

L-R Vincent Egajivwie, Collins Omonemu, Ochuko Mijare and Robinson Ighorodje

L-R Vincent Egajivwie, Collins Omonemu, Ochuko Mijare and Robinson Ighorodje

Ughelli North LGA has been described as the bed rock of Delta State politics.

Hon Ochuko Mijare, SA to the Speaker of DTHA, Rt. Hon Victor Ochei made the assertion during the inauguration ceremony of the executive members of Delta Central Political Forum (DCPF), a political pressure group, at the Marshal Spot, Ughelli; Saturday, October 6.

Hon Mijare who is the State chairman of the group said when Ughelli takes a political decision, the rest of other political blocs in Delta State flow along the direction of the decision of Ughelli and hence believed that the successful inauguration of the LGA exco of DCPF was a huge success towards the achievement of the 2015 goals.

He urged the Urhobo people to take their destiny in their hands as Urhobo parades over 52 percent of the population of Delta State and thus has the potentials to determine who could be king.

“Take the bull by the horn” he urged, adding that although it is not possible for the Urhobo to always produce the governor of Delta State, “but we can decide who we want to be governor and if we all decide to take our destiny in our hands, I can assure you that we will be better for it”.

In his response, the chairman of DCPF in Ughelli North, Mr Robinson Ighorodje identified the reason why some persons who had invested in politics for the past five years and were yet to benefit as late kick off in politicking business and non-steadfastness of political purpose and alliance.

He charged members of DCPF to shirk from the indentified reasons for their political failures, play whatever role they are asked to play and assured that the Hon Mijare would adequately compensate all actors in the group in due time.

In a welcome address earlier, Mr. Vincent Egajivwie, aka Shomolu who is the State Coordinator of the group said the forum spreads across the eight LGAs of Urhobo land. He said the objective of setting up the group was to produce the next governor of Delta State in 2015. He lamented that since 1999, self acclaimed politicians have delivered nothing tangible to the masses and that the Forum was out to check the anomaly and produce a popular governor who will listen to the aspirations of the people.

Later, in addressing the members of the Forum prelude to the inauguration proper, the Patron of the group, Chief Collins Omonemu added that the group was created to salvage the Urhobo people from the political enslavement they had been subjected to for so long. He assured that the group was ready to assist the political ambitions of its members and hence encouraged all members of DCPF to be steadfast and never succumb to any form of intimidation.

On behalf of he State chairman, Chief Omonemu inaugurated the Ughelli North exco of the DCPF with a charge for all of them to go and work and deliver the candidates of the Forum.

In his acceptance speech, the chairman of DCPF (Ughelli North) Mr Robinson Ighorodje said all the exco members are versed and experienced politicians and challenged them to be committed and collectively pursue the goals and objectives of the Forum so as to move to the next level.

Those who made the executive list include: Ighorodje Robinson (Chairman/Agbarha-otor ward), Hon Tony Ekwakpogbe (Vice chairman/Agbarho ward 2), Prince Onos Oharisi (Secretary/Ughelli ward 1/5), Hon Aovwe Felix (Treasurer/ Evwreni), Benjamin Idoghor (Org Sec/Ughelli 3/7), Hon Oghenesevwewho Austine (Pub Sec/Orogun ward 2), Ediri Emmanuel (Asst Sec/ Ogor ward),Hon Emmanuel Afatakpa (Asst Pub Sec/Ughelli 2/6), Mr Avworhokai Arthur (Asst Org Sec/Orogun ward 1),Chief Mrs Grace Usirare (Women Leader/Orogun ward2), Johnny Ikpan (Youth Leader/Agbarho ward 1), Comrade Ijolo Omowho (Fin Sec/ Ughelli ward 2/6) and Moses Ikpiwhre (Auditor)/Uwheru ward).

Six ex-officio members were also appointed to form the 19-man exco. They include: Dele Igoru (Ogor), Donatus Markson (Uwheru), Obukowho Victor (Orogun), Hon Pleasure Atunusha aka Marshal (Uwheru), Hon. Emma Alu (Ughelli 2/6) and Hon John Kowho (Ughelli 3/7).