By Kingsley Urhere



The Prophet Ezekiel

The Prophet Ezekiel

Unity has again been prescribed as panacea to overcoming the trying moments Nigeria faces as a nation, even as the role of Prophets and prophecy should not be overlooked.

This was the focus of the message by Prophet [Dr.] Favour Omorodion in an interview with journalists when he marked his birthday with special thanks giving service recently.

Prophet Omorodion of the Inspirational World Assembly Inc. [Glory land Int.], Benin, urged, everyone should demonstrate love which is God Himself, and be united as one people in the face of prevailing trials and challenges to get the best out of the Nigeria nation.

Adapting the popular Martin Luther King quote; “think not what Nigeria can do for you but what you can do for Nigeria, he made the call; ‘let us come together as one in spite of tribe and religion, and it will be well with the Nigeria nation.

On the role of prophets and prophecy in a nation like obtained in the scriptures especially in the time of crises, Omorodion states; prophecy is the mind and voice of God through man.

Citing Ezekiel 37 as illustration, he said it was his belief that in spite of doubting Thomases, prophecy remains a stabilizer in the affairs of men and nations adding, that God is still saying something through His anointed prophets.

Hence, every one especially those handling the business of government should not overlook role of the church and prophecy at these trying times which confronts Nigeria as it translate to looking unto God for victory.

“So we must trust God because a life without God will end in crisis”, he stated as he expressed strong belief in the Nigeria nation that no matter what, the country will survive as God is still on the throne.

Delivering his sermon titled; ‘Divine Evidence’ at the special thanks giving service, Prophet Omorodion drawing analogy from John 1: 46 – 48 said good things will always come out of the life of believers in God as Jesus was divinely made to come out of Nazareth to prove the works of Satan the devil wrong.

He urged; men should focus on God instead of fellow man for help adding, that patience was the key to overcoming Satan and his tricks because God has programmed all things and situation according to time and season.

Prophet Omorodion reiterated, that Nigerians should always trust God no matter the circumstance quoting copiously from the scriptures; I Samuel 1: 5, Isaiah 54: 17, John 5: 4 – 6, and Isaiah 43: 19 to drive home his message.