By Jimmy Lace, Warri



President Buhari congratulating Kachikwu for a job well done.

President Buhari congratulating Kachikwu for a job well done.

A Niger Delta oil monitoring group, the Niger Delta Indigenous Movement for Radical Change (NDIMRC) has told President Muhammadu Buhari to disregard calls for sack of Dr IbeKachkwu saying those making the call have skeletons in their cupboard.


Reacting to an open letter to PMB written by the MD of Mogul Nigeria Limited, Nkemijika R. Igbikiowubo Esq on Wednesday, April 6, which accused Kachikwu of gross misconduct and hence called for his sack, the NDIMRC in a statement signed by the trio of Nelly Emma, John Sailor and Stanley Mukoro being President, Secretary and PRO respectively  absorbed the petroleum minister of the accusation and expressed surprise that some stakeholders in the oil and gas industry failed to see anything good in Kachikwu in his effort to overcome the lingering fuel crisis in the country.


“We should allow the minister focus on his national assignment. These unnecessary distractions from some disgruntled stakeholders in the oil and gas industry will not help our present situation.


“All the issues raised against the petroleum minister in that open letter are fallacious as Dr Kachikwu, by common knowledge, does not personally get involved in the selection and imposition of contractors without regard to due process or competence.


“It is also not true that under Dr Kachikwu’s watch NAPIM has shamelessly allotted high evaluation numbers to companies without proven technical track record or experience to undertake offshore work on live production platform. These are cheap lies on a God-fearing man who is putting in his best to grow the oil and gas industry.”


The group urged Kachikwu’s accusers to recall that the petroleum minister was the Vice Chairman of ExxonMobil before his appointment and to realise that as petroleum minister and at the same time Group Managing Director of NNPC, “it is not a big deal for him to use a hired jet for the critical oil and gas industry” and therefore charged Kachikwu’s accusers to halt the baseless attack.


NDIMRC called on President Buhari to be wary of the author of the open letter against Kachikwu and such others like the author who have vested interest in the oil and gas industry and are ready to do anything to frustrate the minister.


“Mr President, you know very well that the minister is being hated and vilified for being committed to the change you promised Nigerians especially as he is doing everything possible to keep the pace and put a smile on the faces of Nigerians. Kachikwu’s initiated reforms in the NNPC are hurting the likes of NkemijikaIgbikiowubo Esq who have skeletons in their cupboard and think it will still be business as usual.”


The group called on the author of the letter to appreciate the vanity of the open letter against the minister and consequently apologise for the unprovoked attack since his (the author) tricks and selfish interest are apparent before Mr President and the public.