Master Oghenemeru Egie

Master Oghenemeru Egie

By Merumario Egie

This, is unlike every other human ability. this will make you smarter, faster in recalling events, like things you read and have seen before or better said things you have almost/complete variables about. I named it holographic memory, cos it is three dimensional, more like watching a movie that you can slow down, rewind, forward and even pause. Depending on how you handle it.
This is just to make you better in many parts of life if not all. (remember events and save information better). Information saving, this will bring a nyc question.

Do humans just lose informations or we can’t reach them in our highly-multi packed memory?
This will be answered in my next blog so you just got to stick here for a while.


Accessing this memory is not as difficult as posed. When you have the VARIABLES: mind work, concentration and been able to be in hypnosis state if necessary.


1.Take note of things you see, hear, read and touch.
2. Grow from strength to strength. by trying to access the already passed 2-3hours,before trying a day.
3. When you are able to the above listed.try slowing it down with your mind, pausing, rewinding, or forwarding .when paused, you can view everything from many angles.

NOTE: You must have something in mind to access and remember when you get what you want you will go back to the normal conscious state.

Always have something to access if not you will be repeating already viewed memories.

Try this but dn’t get frustrated.cos great mind absorb things little mind can’t