By Jon Egie




Bishop Diamond Emuobor

The Church in the world as a whole is failing in its responsibility to lead the world for God.

This is the submission of Bishop Diamond Emuobor, Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Ughelli. The Bishop spoke when this reporter had a session of conversation with him on the dangers Christianity faces in Nigeria in the wake of the recent killing of Catholic priest and worshippers in Benue state.

Bishop Emuobor said: “When Elijah, as Prophet of God, faced the government of his days with the power of God in, he challenged King Ahab who was sunk in idolatrous administration of his country, Israel, to recount himself and because he failed to renounce idolatry in his administration Prophet Elijah brought the judgment of God upon the country by commanding the rain not to fall for three and a half years. God approved Elijah’s command and the world of Israel had no rain for three and a half years. Rather tha repent, the king went about looking for Elijah to kill but God rescued him.

“As a follow up, another king who succeeded King Ahab decided to punish Elijah for causing draught in the country. So, he sent a band of 50 soldiers and a Captain to arrest Elijah. On sighting Elijah they commanded him to come down quickly because the king demanded his presence. Elijah knowing the intent of the king said: ‘If I be a man of God, let fire from God fall upon you and your 50 soldiers. And fire came down from heaven and swept away the 51 soldiers. The king sent another troop and the same thing happened, fire came down from heaven and consumed them.

“This is the fire of God that Christians are called upon to parade, not to live a beggarly lifr to the Devil who always instigate trouble against God and his people all over the world.

“The case of Nigeria as at today demands the emergence of a man of God who should demonstrate the power of Christ over the whole world and not caving in the presence of this opposition.

“Prophet Joshua did the same thing by stopping the Sun and the Moon from rising and setting, King Jehoshaphat in good leadership also called for national fasting against the marauding enemies of three countries and the same God that used Elijah to stop the rain for three and a half years also made the enemies of Israel to kill themselves.

“The God of Elijah, Joshua and Jehoshaphat is the same God we are serving today in Nigeria and He could do the same thing if we gave our heart to him in service by eliminating denominational barriers. The enemy that Christians all over the world are facing through Boko Haram, ISIS, and Herdsmen is the same man called the Devil. Instances may change from country to country but his purpose is the same—to make men worship him the Devil rather than God. That is why Jesus gave us the charge that these signs shall follow them that believe, in my name they shall cast out devils.


Nigerian Bishops meet President Buhari

“Today, the onus rests on the church, to prove their obedience to Christ by casting out all types of demons either in the war front or home front because Jesus said, if any one believes in me the works that I do he shall do also. That is why I said that the church is failing because they have not been able to uphold this charge to the glory of God and this is because, all agents of God use God’s power to do God’s business. It is not by application of mystical power.

“The temptation of Christ by the Devil in the intrigue of giving the whole world to Christ if he worshipped him is working very vehemently against men of God worldwide. The implication is that if Jesus had looked at these possessions as being more important he would have missed saving sinners. But today, the men of God accepted what Jesus rejected as a means of announcing their personality and ego—the pride of possession. It is the same intrigue the Devil introduced to Adam and Eve—self possession rather than communal living.

“And by so, we the Christians lost our authority with God when we would have shouted in Jesus name and fire would come down but we do not have such temerity. I I be a man of God let fire from God fall upon all that are opposed to God’s will all over the earth; if that happened people would check their behaviour. Not by carrying placards to protest against people throwing bombs and slitting throats. What would placards do with bombs? This portends failure; we are unable to do the necessary.

“Israel came with praise songs and the enemies of the three countries killed themselves. There is God, not these amendments!

“There is an aspect Jesus left that is not being championed by the church leaders, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, which Jesus dispenses on the followers who live in obedience to his word. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God in man that cannot be conquered and it is through the Holy Spirit that miracles are wrought. Since we came into an age of everybody becoming a Pastor, Bishop without obedience to the instruction of Jesus, imagination has become Christianity without the power to defend the cause of God.

“A Christian cannot steal, he cannot embezzle money, he cannot be found to be corrupt even if he is a President or Housekeeper and if he does, he is an imaginary Christian because the true Christian does not have the capacity to sin because of the presence of the Holy Spirit in him.

“Beginning with the leaders of the church, we must discover where we have failed and ask God for forgiveness and revival on His world because the world belongs to God and not Satan.

The Benue Massacre


Victims of Benue massacre for burial

“The Benue massacre is an arm of the Devil’s agitation against the people of the world. In Act 17:26 God demarcated lands for people to stay and develop therefore, anyone who encroaches on another indigenous people’s land for possession has lived against the will of God and such must be checked. The lands that are being encroached upon by Herdsmen is an act of banditry so for such people to have the effrontery of killing the indigenes of the land they must be repelled through a government ordinance or resistance by the indigenous people but since government failed and the people have no capacity to defend themselves, the marauding Herdsmen have their way.

“Buhari surrounded himself with soldiers and he is blaming late Gadaffi for the activities of the herdsmen; how could Gadaffi, if he was alive, cross his country border to cause mayhem in a country where you are the President? The statement of defense made by Buhari is a statement of failure. The steam in Buhari is gone. You say another country is responsible for the killings in your country so what have you done about that? Buhari is not sincere, he is hiding something.


Everybody should look up to the second coming of Jesus. The happening around are all pointers to the soon coming of Jesus Christ. The Church must sit up or else, they would be caught napping. The followers of the church should ask their leaders (Pastors and Bishops) questions concerning holiness, righteousness and truth. Children should ask their parents questions. All politicians must sit up and know that the people and money they are appropriating, misleading and mishandling do not belong to them as a property. There is one who owns all that you are permitted to use. His name is Jesus Christ and He is coming to judge all of us according to our work. Therefore, be ready or be caught in your own intrigues