By Jon Egie


Bishop Diamond Emuobor

Following Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s proclamation that Delta state does not need a special security outfit to confront the threat of insecurity occasioned by Fulani herdsmen, a former Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Ughelli, Bishop Diamond Emuobor has requested the governor to reconsider his position on the issue and think again.

Governor Okowa while donating 35 pickup vans to security agencies in the state, Monday, was quoted in the media as saying that there was no need for a special security outfit in Delta state.

But in deference to the governor’s position, Bishop Emuobor, a committed supporter of the governor reasoned otherwise and requested the governor to use his office as chairman of the South-South governors to mobilize his colleagues towards establishing a special security outfit that is akin to the South West Security Network codenamed Amotekun to confront the rampaging Fulani herdsmen that are terrorizing innocent citizens across Delta state.

“Our governor who we respect and support may have spoken out of his love for the invaders rather than the invaded. I wish to remind our governor that because two prominent persons were killed from the North in the 1966 coup of Nzeogwu, Asaba and the East suffered a loss of over two million persons who have not been accounted for till date.

“The reason for the ongoing herdsmen/farmers crisis in Nigeria began with a forced purposeful occupation of other persons’ land by Fulani and their Northern sponsors. This character is the culture of Islam which was spread in the 18th century from the North to the West with sword, killing people for them to accept their religion.

“Christianity which is the culture of the South does not have force of conversion or force of occupation to make people adhere to the way of Christianity. Till today, churches in the North have no freedom of acquiring land for the purpose of propagation of Christianity even though we live in the same country. So, leaving ourselves to the mercy of those who came to forcefully convert us without we strengthening ourselves to resist the force of occupation and conversion will be an aberration to life.

For instance, when Boko Haram began in 2009, President Goodluck Jonathan sent soldiers to Borno to quell the upsurge but the elders of Borno state led by Alhaji Aliyu Moguno came to the villa to ask President Jonathan to withdraw the soldiers as they were not at war in the North. That visit bespeaks of a predetermined project which the Boko Haram represents to the people of Borno state and has remained so till today, that even the Nigeria Army that is headed mostly by Borno born Generals cannot quell because it is an agenda.

“When Gbaramtu, Okerenkoko were agitated about their placement in the oil windfall management, the same Nigeria soldiers went and leveled down these oil bearing communities and even seized the mace of the king of Gbaramatu kingdom not to talk of what happened to Nnamdu Kanu whose parents were killed by the Nigeria soldiers because of the negotiated agenda.

“For over 20 years in Delta state, Uwheru has been a major target, including other communities across the state for Fulani herdsmen attacks because of cows and grasses. A church in Avwon , a community in Uwheru was occupied by Fulani herdsmen and the community indigenes sent away.

“With the history of Nigeria as of today before our eyes, we need a state or regional security organization that can protect our God given heritage and people or else, we shall soon become refugees in our land.

“I therefore, request our governor to think again as usual, with his colleagues, being the chairman of the South-South governors, to put a protective arrangement on ground for people to reason and buy. History does not forgive so our governor, please think again.”