By Atos Peter




Sen Ifeanyi Okowa, Gov of Delta State.

Sen Ifeanyi Okowa, Gov of Delta State.

Students of the Sapele Youth Resources Centre, who are over 5000 in number now roam around in the streets pleading and calling on the Governor of Delta State Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Author Okowa to release subventions to all the six centre’s across the state which were recently closed down to enable them go back to classes and workshops.


Some of the students who spoke to journalists in Sapele Mr. Samson Ochuko, Mr. Oghenedoro Okorodudu, Miss. Bridget Obi and others while lamenting the closure and their current idleness said, the six study centres, in Sapele Orerokpe, Asaba, Ozoro, Agbarho, and Buluangiama which were reputed for  training of Students in various vocations were closed down recently due to the centre’s inability to operate without cash from any source.


The students while bemoaning the situation further, explained that since seven months, their instructors have not been paid salaries, no fuel and diesel to run the centres’ plants, a situation that now forced the teachers from classrooms, making the students to remain idle in classes which forced the authority to put the place finally under lock and key with few of the teachers and the administrators still coming to work every day but nothing with which to do their jobs.


They however added that if the “SMART” agenda of the Governor is to be vigorously pursued, to attain its lofty height, then the study centre’s should be re-opened for a meaningful and conducive learning process so that they could graduate successfully to be masters of their own without seeking white collar jobs from the Government and other establishments.”


Some other graduates of the institution Miss. Edesiri Emokiniovo and Mr. Rekevwe Ufuoma who are presently on their own, appealed to government to revisit the situation urgently in other to prevent the students from going into crimes and prostitution since they are presently idling away from home.


Meanwhile, at the time of filing this report the administrator of the Sapele centre Mr. Erewa was not available for his comment as he was said to have travelled to Asaba,  for official assignment in a bid to putting up serious effort so that the centre could be re-opened for learning.