By Monday Emogabo


Godswill Akpabio, Minister of Niger Delta ministry

There is no gainsaying the fact that Nigeria has become a jester-in-chief with a predilection towards mischief of all sorts, this is against the backdrop of recent events plaguing the NDDC in particular and the Niger Delta region in general.

It’s an irrevocable fact that a region that is highly endowed with oil and gas can hardly boast of modern infrastructures, good medical health care facilities and well equipped institutions of higher learning.

Besides, hunger is stalking the region like a pestilence and life is becoming increasingly unbearable while the indices for any vestige of development have immutably remained abysmal.

By definition therefore, the Niger Delta is a compendium of unfettered abuse, as office holders squirrel funds jugularly.

Worse still, and in full glare of the indigenes, oil wells are constantly consigned to strangers or the ultraconservative hegemonists of the core North.

To further put it in perspective the people and the region in general are so beleaguered and reduced to a derelict product that has become a comic relief that regale them with shame and slave mentality.

It’s inconceivable that our son who is currently a minister of the region, a man needed to give some oomph (strength) to a region that has been laid waste has suddenly become an outcast of a naked dance to the dangerous rhythm of his drum.

Its indeed heart-rendering to note that in less than three months a whooping amount of 81billion naira was spent on frivolities rather than people oriented projects.

This inglorious act speaks of the treacherous malfeasance of a man whose sole interest for power is to sleaze the augean stable via public looting game akin to the Jacobian scandal of American 16th century.

A trenchant analysis of the minister’s defense, portray his dimwittedness to a petty tittle-tatle and confabulations in the midst of weighty allegations, and his shananigans on the marital life of the erstwhile MD (NDDC) are nothing but sheer bumkum oozing from the belly of a damaged political machine devoid of moral gravitas and sanity, while his body language reflect gambits to nudge up a trajectory of dismay credibility, all in an attempt to avoid the hoopla that defines his avarice.

Over the years the minister has enjoyed the luxury of office coupled with his megalomania proclivities, venting his slime of vendetta on dissenting voices.

Today, and as the saying goes “nothing is constant except change” his hubris has been put to test by a lady (former MD of NDDC) with intellectual magnitude and oratorical clout who deployed the power of logic to knockout the honorable minister.

In saner climes, the minister will bury his head in shame and his paid political vuvuzelas who so invested in his mandate through the vaudeville acts of corruption that has brought the commission to a state of utter nadir would have been brought to book and shown the way out, but because the drivers of the system do not believe in new paradigms to wean the region from labyrinth of the likes of Akpabio who is a propagandist and apologist of Mr. President, the conclusion of the matter would therefore remain a hollow ritual.


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