By Jon Egie




Bishop Diamond Emuobor

Bishop Diamond Emuobor

The Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Ughelli, the Rev Dr Bishop Diamond Emuobor has charged Christians all over Nigeria to own a sword and defend themselves against the marauding violence of Fulani herdsmen.

Reacting to the killings in Southern Kaduna and those perpetrated by the Fulani herdsmen in other parts of the country particularly local communities in Delta State, Bishop Emuobor added voice to earlier calls by Bishop Oyedepo and Apostle Suleiman for Christians to defend themselves.

In an exclusive interview, he described the Islamic religion as satanic stressing that any religion that feels that human beings should be killed in order for the adherents to access God is false and satanic.

“Satan who prided himself that he would take over the throne of God and that every other creatures of God would bow down to him is doing this by coercion and that is what is represented by those that practice war and the killings of human beings in the name of religion. The killings in Southern Kaduna are a war against God, it is an ethnic cleansing and those that are doing it have no ancestry, they have no origin with God and man.”

He said it was the constitutional responsibility of President Muhammadu Buhari to determine the safety of the citizens of this country and where he fails to do so, it means his hands are “soiled”.

“Who are these that are over-running the citizens of a nation where a President is presiding? Whether they are his own children, whether they are from his village, the law says he (PMB ) should stand up to defend the people and if he refuses to do the necessary thing then he is a suspect.

“Nigeria is a country of many nations and none is subject to the other. If any ethnic group thinks that they are more in number and therefore wants to cower and subject others to ill treatment, it will boomerang one day.

“We are all men; the pregnancy of my wife is not carried by the woman who has 400 million people in his community even if I have only two people in my community. The pregnancy of my wife is carried by my wife, my sons and daughters are born by my wife and not by your wife and not by the wife of anybody else. So, nobody should dehumanize the other and should that be the case, then Nigeria should split.

“It was Lord Lugard and his Britain that forced us into this unequal yoking and we challenge them to realize that since 1914 when they created this contraption, 100 years have expired in 2014. Today, Nigeria is free to becoming whichever way the citizens and composite ethnic groups want to go.

“Any pressing and agitating group like the IPOB have the right to self determination. The Nigeria Constitution of 1999 as amended does not supersede the 1914 and 2014 era. They should be allowed to hold their head out and then determine what they should do in their own country”.

He said the church was deceived to agree that all Nigerians were one after the struggle for independence only for a section of the country to usurp absolute authority over the others.

“The Church has been deceived to agree that we are all one. The battle of Nigeria’s independence was fought by the Church. It was unfortunate that after the Church has fought the independence of Nigeria, they thought of the unity of Nigeria and surrounded their position of leadership to another to harvest. The Church sold out by making themselves subservient because of unity and love; they gave up the leadership position in order for us to unite. You cannot unite with the devil. The devil is asking for God to be his servant so how will you team up with the devil? Determine your position and rule at your position and make your position sacrosanct. That is what we believe should go on. If you do not allow what we say to be, you are on your own and we will be on our own. That should be the position.

To actualize this position in the face of threat to the lives of Christians across the country, Bishop Emuobor noted that the persecution of Christians was a precursor to the second coming of Jesus Christ assuring that those already killed in their faith in Christ will be the first to rise to resurrection.

“But all will not die and those of us who are alive have the right to defend ourselves. Jesus said in the book of Luke that those who have no sword should sell their coats and buy one for the defence of their lives. You do not allow people to come into your house and catch you like a snail and slaughter you because you believe in Jesus.

“Defend yourself, we are all human beings. If Satanism is an aberration; Christianity is authenticity, a reality, why should the reality fall down for lies to walk over? Christians should defend themselves. He who has no sword should sell his coat and buy one to defend himself. We are human beings, nobody should catch you like a snail and slaughter you because of unnecessary religion.”