By Jon Egie


South-South governors led by Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa during a recent meeting in Asaba.

Governors of the South-South region have been given a pat on their back for coming together, even though lately, to stand up to defend their states.

Bishop Diamond Emuobor, former chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Ughelli gave the commendation while reacting to the decision of the governors of the region to establish a security outfit.

Bishop Emuobor referred to the Book of Ezekiel where God called on the prophet to stand on his watch over his people and use God’s words to warn and guide the people from falling into the hands of their enemies.

“The governors being the watchmen of the citizens of the South-South region without being prompted have the inherent need in their position to be proactive at any given situation that would harass their citizens.

“When about ten years ago, at the query of most of us, they formed the BRACED (acronym for Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Edo and Delta) to synergize to protect and provide industrial development for the teeming population of the economic base of Nigeria, we jumped to say kudos to our governors but when they moribund that commission our tongues began to wag in our mouth and wondered what went wrong with that commission that even kidnapping for ransom in the region has become the order of the day.

“ In our responsibility and determination we have all resigned our collective abilities and entrusted all into the hands of the governors who are known to be Chief security officers over the people, even with our money and authority.

“Having so resigned our collective efforts into their hands it behooves them to think for us, reason for us, defend us and give us the joy of heart as leaders in that respect. Like El-Rufai said, the governors have no excuse whatsoever to give for their failure to defend us. Therefore, politicking with lives of those they have sworn to defend and hinging their inability on an obnoxious arrangement which the governors know that it is at variance to their sworn defense over the people may not be accepted.

“However, now that our leaders in government have thought it worthy to rise up to the challenge, our prayers are with them. It is my counsel that any commission that governors want to set up for the security purpose, men of God of proven integrity and assignment must be included, not of cheap patronage or denominational respect but on due respect to God for a holy guidance that God’s will in the commission be done to the glory of God and to the benefit of the people.

“Once more I congratulate the South-South governors who should know that the region is the bastion of Christianity in Nigeria and they should not shy away from it. If the core north could proudly advocate Sharia of Islam as their way of life and they want the whole country to practice it, the governors of the South-South should rise up to advocate that Christianity is the way of life their people. Our governors must advocate and propagate Christianity to rise to meet their Sharia and let us see which will stand.” Emuobor said.