By Jon Egie


Comrade Patrick Akporode

Comrade Patrick Akporode

The Chairman of Association of Primary Schools Heads of Nigeria (AOPSHON), Delta Central Bloc, Comrade Patrick Akporode has called on the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee of the Ughelli North LGC, Hon Chief Friday Akpoyibo, to immediately make public, the findings of the recent screening exercise carried out by the local council in search of ghost teachers in the LGA.

Comrade Akporode made the call while reacting to issues raised during good will messages presented during the meeting of AOPSHON, Delta Central bloc held at the Government College, Ughelli; Tuesday, May 28.

During the presentation of good will messages Comrade Atete Ogheneovo Marcus who is the chairman of Basic Education Staff Association of Nigeria (BESAN), Ughelli North chapter lamented the incessant screening exercises conducted to primary school teachers in Delta State with particular reference to the one embarked on by the Ughelli North LGC recently.

He opined that if verification of teachers is at any point in time necessary, AOPSHON and BESAN should be made part of the screening committee and that all teachers should be duly informed early enough before such exercises are carried out to avoid making some innocent teachers ‘scape goats’ in an attempt by government to generate or conserve funds.

In a welcome address earlier, the chairman of AOPSHON, Ughelli North, Comrade Vincent Enayemo also raised the issues of released promotion of insufficient number of teachers from SGL 14 to 15, haphazard implementation of 27.5 percent (Teachers Inducement Allowance), non-release of some promotions, delay in payment of monthly salaries of public primary school staff, non-supply of basic teaching and learning materials to school among others.

Responding to the issues raised, Comrade Patrick Akporode recalled that recently the DTSG invited graduate teachers at salary grade level 14 to Asaba for an interview aimed at promoting them to level 15. He expressed dismay at the subsequent notice that only one teacher from each of the 25 LGAs in Delta State among the multitude were promoted to level 15 and queried the parameter the DTSG used at arriving at the choice of the solo promotion. He hoped that subsequently, the DTSG will be more generous and transparent in promoting the stagnated graduate teachers in the primary schools to level 15.

Commenting on the recent screening exercise carried out by the Ughelli North LGC, Comrade Akporode sympathized with teachers in Ughelli North for the exercise that was imposed on them by the Chairman of the council, Hon Chief Friday Akpoyibo, “who is one of us” and charged the council chairman to make public the findings of the screening exercise by declaring the ghosts and where they were found.

“There are more ghost workers in the council than they suspect in the public primary schools in the state. We are being oppressed even by ourselves, teachers who become politicians. I charge the Ughelli North LGC caretaker committee chairman to immediately make public the names of ghost teachers found during the screening and if he fails, we as a body shall protest by crying out” Akporode said.

The meeting was attended by Comrade Felix Isodje, Comrade Okrigbolor BD, Comrade Adogbeji Gabriel, Dietake David and Kumane Annointing who represented the CIE Ughelii North, Comrade Edjemere P.O, Comrade ATete Marcus, Comrade Efemeya Ayo (Delta State deputy chairman of AOPSHON), Comrade Mary Ogbeni, Comrade Egbagbara Blessing (NUT Sec for Ughelli North), Comrade Wilfred Ovuorayevbie, Comrade Akubowe Victor,and  Comrade Erhierene Stephen among others.

Head teachers from Ethiope East, Okpe Sapele, Udu, Uvwie, Ughelli North and Ughelli South LGAs were also present at the meeting.


…….gets commendation over streets sweeping


In a related development,the care taker committee chairman for Ughelli North LGC, Hon Chief Friday Akpoyibo has been commended over his effort at keeping major streets in Ughelli Township clean by engaging the services of street sweepers.

A retired Educationist, Sir Augustine Alele (KSM) gave the commendation in special letter addressed to the council boss.

Aligning himself with the age-long aphorism that cleanliness is next to Godliness, Sir Alele said the council boss’ pet programme of engaging women to sweep the Isoko and Market Roads right from Otovwodo to Ekiugbo is laudable and worthy of commendation, adding that the practice has endeared the council boss to a sizeable number of people, especially those who are practitioners of cleanliness.

“Without knowing it you are gradually transforming Ughelli into the enviable club of clean cities in Nigeria like Calabar, Owerri, Uyo and Benin City.

As you carve this niche for yourself it is pertinent to note that some previous administrations attempted this exercise but could not sustain it as it soon flickered out like a spent match stick. It is against this backdrop that I sincerely urge you to sustain this noble exercise as a spick and span environment exudes heath and health an incontrovertible axiom is wealth.

He suggested that it would be appreciated if the council boss could extend the exercise to the major feeder roads so that the exercise could be holistic

He further suggested that for the exercise to be complete success there is need for the sand and other rubbish swept and the weeds cleared from the median are kept to be cleared daily.

“Do remain committed as you are gradually warming yourself into the hearts of many concerned citizens” Sir Alele said.