By Jon Egie



Deaconess Mrs Roli Uduaghan canvassing support for Okowa

Deaconess Mrs Roli Uduaghan canvassing support for Okowa

Her Excellency, the wife of the governor of Delta State, Deaconess Mrs Roli Uduaghan has asked all Christians in Delta State to vote Senator Ifeanyi Okowa as governor of Delta State on Saturday, April 11.


Deaconess Mrs Uduaghan made the plea while addressing delegates of RECADA, an international organisation of African Christians involved in politics at the Angel Wings Ministries Church, Ughelli; Wednesday, April 8.


She said that Senator Okowa and his wife are dependable Christians who will continue to let the light of God shine in the State as Gov. Uduaghan steps out.


According to the Governor’s wife, for the past eight years the finger of God has prevailed in the affairs of the state and if for nothing, the peace that Deltans enjoy needs to be sustained and Okowa is the vessel God has decided to use to sustain the peace and prosper the state.


She said before Dr Uduaghan became governor of Delta State, a lot of things used to happen in the Government House but all that has changed and the Govt. House has become a place of prayer.


As a member of the Intercessors of Nigeria, Mrs Uduaghan reposed confidence in the wife of Senator Okowa who she described as a strong prayer warrior that will steer her husband to sustain the light of God in the Govt. House as Uduaghan leaves.


“The Devil is not happy with what has happened in Delta state so far. If you vote Okowa the light of God will shine brighter. Men and brethren, this is God’s assignment, it is not our own. The moon ans the sun are in contention over Delta State and if you want to sustain the peace we have, vote Okowa who understands the face of God so the light will continue to shine in Delta State.


“We have laid the foundation and Okowa will build on it” Roli Uduaghan said.

She lamented the Christians failed God on March 28, when they failed to re-elect President Jonathan and letting that be a bygone, she said she believes God has a joker and at the right time what will happen will happen.


She urged Christians in Delta State not to show the same I don’t care attitude they displayed during the presidential election but “let us whip up interest in the heart of the people, let us stand up for God.


“The level of the political situation in Delta State is not such that we can apply only the Lord’s Prayer. If you are given a political position in Delta State you need to serve God very well or serve the Devil, and very well too to succeed; but if you vote Okowa who has the understanding of what we are talking about we will not be going to do spiritual things.


“Go out on Saturday, give God the day as an offering and vote Okowa so that at the end of the day when Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa is announced as the winner, it will not be for what he will do for you alone, but for the peace and prosperity you will enjoy.


“Dr Okowa and his wife I know are genuine children of God and they will make Delta State better, they need prayer. As children of God we do not vote for political parties we vote the individual and Okowa is the person God has ordained for Delta, please vote for him” Roli Uduaghan sued.