By Jon Egie



Rt. Rev Blessing Enyidah

Rt. Rev Blessing Enyidah

Xtians have been urged to redirect their hope on God instead of political leaders.


The Bishop of Ikwere Diocese (Anglican communion) the Rt. Rev Blessing Enyidah, gave the exhortation during a sermon he preached at the All Saints Cathedral Church, Ughelli, Delta State; Sunday, Jan. 26


Taking his text from the Bible Book of Ezekiel 34, which exposes the default relationship between the Shepherd and the sheep, the Bishop said the default is also noticeable in the church, school, political class, community leadership etc.


But, he assured that in spite of the failure of the leaders to fulfil their obligations to the led, “God will provide for those who are in need.


“God cannot make a promise that will fail. His words must come to pass. God is the good Shepherd. “The Governor is not a good Shepherd. The community leader, businessman, Councillor is not good Shepherds. Only God is the good Shepherd and that is why the Psalmist says in Psalm 23, that the Lord is a good Shepherd whose goodness and mercy follow His servants.


According to him, when the goodness and mercy of God follows His servant such servant enjoys the presence of God and nothing evil touches him.


“God provides food for His servants as He leads them through a green pasture” he said and stressed that food is good but cautioned that not everything one sees he eats because some food are poison.


“Cast your cares on God and never worry because this year, what you need to receive you will receive and what you need to get you will get and God will shower his blessings on you and restore you.”


For the barren, he counselled, the issue of child birth is in the hands of God and assured those seeking the fruits of the womb that God will remember them as medical doctors and witch-doctors cannot help the situation.


“If Joseph can be brought from prison and made a Prime Minister, the same God will release you. Whatever is dead in you physically or spiritually will be resurrected this year by God. If God can heal the woman with the issue of bllod for 12 years, whatever situation you are will get God’s attention as long as you believe”.


The church service which was a praise worship service marked the end of a 21-day fast declared by the Cathedral Archdeacon, Ven J.A. Mukoro for spiritual preparation into the new year, 2014.