By Jesutega Onokpasa




Ex gov James Ibori

Ex gov James Ibori

The article of the above referenced title was recently published in the Vanguard by one Irikefe Umukoro who apparently would have us believe he loves the All Progressives Congress, APC, more than those of us who actually sacrificed to build it in Delta State and continue to do so.

While having initially wasted precious time, pointlessly meandering like some rather very incompetent artful dodger, Mukoro, a fellow I had never heard of before, finally stumbled into the real message he sought to convey. Rather commendably true and pointedly faithful to his paymasters, he proceeded to pontificate that unless Delta APC picked its gubernatorial candidate for 2019 from Delta North, it would lose the election.

It was actually in the build up to the 2015 elections that one of the governorship aspirants from Delta North, wittingly or otherwise, revealed to me an aspect of the Delta North for Governor Crusade that confirmed to me, a suspicion I had relegated to the background up to that time.

According to him, it was neither by chance nor necessarily as an act of fraternal love that key stakeholders from Delta Central and Delta South had keyed into the power shift to Delta North idea otherwise captioned ‘Anioma Agenda’. On the contrary, it was the result of careful long term planning and correspondingly meticulous implementation.

Ibori, Architect of political malady

This should not surprise anyone conversant with the morally reprehensible sort of politics that has been the lot of Delta since 1999. The truth of the matter is that the idea actually emanated from James Ibori, the original architect of every political malady that has now rendered our state comatose verging on failed status.


L-R: Uguaghan, Ibori and Okowa at a public function

L-R: Uguaghan, Ibori and Okowa at a public function

By nature, Ibori has a very big problem with anyone shining like himself. Our dear Onanefe is so irretrievably egotistic that he would gladly be the top dog starving and at the point of death in the desert than be a well-fed underdog in a land flowing with milk and honey.

However, Ibori particularly could not countenance the idea of any other Urhobo man becoming Governor after him. The way his twisted, petty and little mind works, any other Urhobo man becoming Governor would thereby, at bes,t become a viable rival or at worst, displace him as top dog in Delta Central.

In his condemnable greed, nauseating conceit, irritating arrogance, and pitiable ignorance, it didn’t occur to him that in the first place he wasn’t even anything special amongst the Urhobos nor that his best chance of ever truly becoming someone genuinely loved and popularly respected in his core constituency was to exhibit the requisite degree of selflessness necessary to marking him out as authentically patriotic with a desire to see his fellow tribesmen excel to their fullest potentials.

So, right from the onset, Ibori was determined that no Urhobo man must ever become Governor after him – not even one he himself handpicked! He is so pathologically afraid of challenge in Urhoboland that he would eagerly subordinate his fellow Urhobos to absolutely anyone else in his delusional determination to remain top dog in Delta Central.


Miss Erhiatake Ibori

Miss Erhiatake Ibori

His one and only plan for an Urhobo Governor is for someone like his daughter, Erhiatake, to mature into a political player capable of passing as governorship material, a process that has already started with her inroad into membership of the Delta State House of Assembly.

In Urhoboland, we term this sort of insistence that one’s own brother must not shine like oneself to be witchcraft, indeed witchcraft in broad daylight!

Needless to say, we all know where our brother, Ibori, ended up with all his empty pride and despicable hatred for his own people.

Prayer for Ibori

On my part, being determined never to behave like Ibori and not to pay him back in his own coin, I have been in the habit, every once in a while, of saying one Our Father, one Glory Be and one Hail Mary for his rescue from where he put himself.

Why should I not pray for Ibori? Is he not my brother? Even though he never did anything for me, I prefer not to turn my back on a brother.


Dr Emmanuel Udughan, immediate past Gov of Delta

Dr Emmanuel Udughan, immediate past Gov of Delta

Yet on his part, as Governor and continuing even now, Ibori and then Uduaghan his brother, successor and acolyte, prefer to empower nitwits, thugs, brigands and yes-men. Whenever you see a decent human being either of them empowered, he is not decent because they empowered him: he is decent on his own and to his own credit in spite of their abominable influence and quasi-diabolical ability to dehumanize and animalize their fellowmen.

Indeed whenever I see any decent man or woman who was favoured by Ibori, still thinks well of him, and continues to wish him well, I thank our Lord Jesus who loves us even while yet sinners.

So I elect to be merciful and indeed magnanimous in honour of the Holy Spirit the Giver of Life, someone it would appear the likes of Ibori and Uduaghan never heard of.

For that reason, I will pray for my brother Ibori, even though he hates his fellow Urhobos and does not want any of them to shine like him, and I will continue to do this if only to prove the point that I am better than him and that unlike him, I have the fear of God and do not look at those around me as people to be used and dumped in service to self-aggrandizement.

As such, unlike Ibori/Uduaghan, whose philosophy of life is the subordination of the greater good of one’s fellow men to one’s own selfish and parochial interests, I pray that the Holy Spirit might be magnanimous enough to visit him where he is presently holed up, that he comes to his senses and that in Jesus Name, he comes out in one piece to the glory of Almighty God.

Ineffective Edevbie ACE card

Unbeknownst to many Deltans, it is thanks to this execrable mindset of wanting to shine alone in Urhoboland on the part of Ibori that we ended up with Emmanuel Uduaghan as Governor in the first place. As a matter of fact, it was also in its furtherance that Uduaghan, in turn, insisted on power shift, supposedly to Delta North but actually to his Man Friday, Tony Obuh.

It was only because this did not work out that they brought out David Edevbie at the very last minute, much to the chagrin of the majority of People’s Democratic Party, PDP, members who protested by voting for Ifeanyi Okowa at the 2015 primaries.

The truth is that the Edevbie escapade failed, not necessarily because Okowa was insurmountably strong but for the fact that Edevbie’s candidacy, apart from being late, turned out to be a half-hearted endorsement on the part of Ibori and Uduaghan, who deep down could simply not bring themselves to sign on to any other Urhobo man becoming Governor.


Uduaghan congratulating his successor, Okowa

Uduaghan congratulating his successor, Okowa

At the end of the day, both men had to swallow their pride, eat their humble pie and cough up the financial wherewithal to get Okowa into Government House in order to for them to remain relevant and to retain Okowa as a client of their drowning political family.

Right now, both Ibori and Uduaghan, determined as ever never to let an Urhobo person to become Governor, are satisfied to let Okowa complete his first term and to either secure another tenure or at any rate for some other non-Urhobo person to become Governor until they can hand our collective governorship to a family member!

If Ibori and Uduaghan have become God in Delta, we shall see in 2019.

The pawns

I have deliberately refrained from tackling the so-called Irikefe Umukoro because it is not necessary to respond to the sort of pathetically retarded position he assumed but also not to dignify an obvious hatchet man with a direct response.

That is of course if Umukoro exists in the first place, for if he does, I would like him to locate our brother Olori Magege to learn firsthand the lot of those who had earlier been sucked into the Ibori/Uduaghan vortex of political deceit and theatricals! On my part, I cannot remember when last I heard from my dear elder brother, Olori Magege.

I shall also refrain from addressing myself to speculations that the idea is a kite being flown by Ibe Kachikwu, a fellow with light political weight whatsoever and as such a complete nonstarter in the politics of Delta 2019.

Contrary to speculations, I would rather not believe that it instead emanated from Victor Ochei, whom I believe has better sense than to engage in such ridiculousness, given what I presume to his political sagacity, exposure and experience, unless our dear Victor has lost his way and is unfortunately constrained to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Needless to say, any hope of availing oneself of such a short cut to Government House – something that did not work in the previous dispensation – simply has absolutely no hope of returning any profit in the present one.

Okowa scorecard

That said, the notion that unless our candidate is from Delta North, the APC cannot defeat and unseat Okowa come 2019 is infuriatingly idiotic. We have Okowa and his administration has no regard for the Itsekiris or Isokos.

Even the Aniocha/Oshimili are complaining bitterly while the Ndokwa have been left in the lurch as if they committed a crime by being the oil-producing part of Delta North.

Okowa completely abandoned the Ijaws during their recent travails as if he cared less what happened to them.

As for the Urhobos, Okowa merely pretends to respect them while undercutting them at every turn.

Indeed, power shift occurred but I dare say it was not what we bargained for.

Nevertheless, I, for one, believe in inclusive governance and in the ideal of the pluralization of participation as a non-negotiable denominator of genuine democratic governance.


Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, Gov of Delta State

Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, Gov of Delta State

Ironically, even though I opposed Okowa becoming Governor and continue to oppose his utterly condemnable approach to governance, I am, from another standpoint, happy that someone from Delta North made it to Government House if only to prove the point that we are all, from a historical perspective, ancestrally and indeed genetically brothers and sisters in Delta.

Now that the point has been proved that we are all incontestably equal and equally entitled to aspire to any office in our state, what we must now do going forward is to insist on the very best man or woman from absolutely any part of our dear state to take up the mantle of leadership come 2019 and rescue us from this shameful, demeaning and dehumanizing bondage in which the Ibori/Uduaghan/Okowa political family has held us since 1999.

The Okowa administration has been a complete embarrassment across the state. Even in Delta North where you would have expected some sense of clannishness to compel loyalty to him, the verdict across the Senatorial District has been a report card in which the Governor leads the class from behind!

As if not satisfied with the socio-economic desertification of the state coupled with the unconscionably nepotistic and tribalistic paradigm of governance he has imposed on Government House, Okowa has finally revealed his deep hatred for the people of Delta South and Delta Central with his opportunistic and predatory emasculation of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, DESOPADEC.

Supposedly, the problem with DESOPADEC is that Denis Omovie, a member of the Delta State House of Assembly and its Chairman on DESOPADEC, had cornered a disproportionate number of DESOPADEC projects for Delta Central. Well, if the fellow actually did that, then it is for the anomaly to be corrected with dispatch for the commission to move forward. No part of the oil producing areas of Delta should ever be shortchanged for another for it is this sort of low intellectual energy subterfuges that our enemies rely on to divide and rule and indeed to separate and conquer.

So if Omovie is the problem, he should be called to order and the anomaly sorted out in no time. Instead of towing this path of honour, our second Doctor Governor has decided to pounce on the controversy as an excuse to ground the entire commission to the extent that absolutely nothing happens there anymore with the entire commission being run directly from Government House, Asaba.

While I do not buy the idea that Governor Okowa instigated the crisis as payback for the non-inclusion of his Ika area in the commission, I unreservedly condemn his willingness to entirely ground a commission that is not just a source of succour to the entirety of Delta Central and Delta South but for the Ndokwa leg of the tripod of Delta North, as well.

This is of course quite apart from the fact that there is a humongous sum of 200 billion naira that remains unaccounted for in the commission from the era of Uduaghan, an issue that Okowa has severally taken steps to kill as if he is in the know as to how such a monumental part of our common patrimony disappeared into thin air.

The meanness, tightfistedness and utter lack of empathy of the Okowa administration gives one the impression that someone insists on making as much money from governance as the likes of Ibori and Uduaghan made, forgetting that while such money is simply not available to be made, the anti-corruption ethos of the present era is inconsistent with such bestial accumulation of criminal wealth.

Going forward, the truth is that we have more than proved the point of power shift in Delta. What we desperately require at this stage of our existence as a state is not power shift – which has already occurred – but our collective liberation from the powers of political darkness that would have held us hostage for a period of twenty solid years by the time Okowa finishes his term in 2019.

The resolve for power shift

The idea that for us to capture power from PDP we have to field a candidate from Delta North is utter crap. If such an idea constitutes sacrosanct and unassailable wisdom, we wouldn’t have a Buhari as President today, as the APC would thus have been constrained to field a candidate from the South-South or at any rate from elsewhere in the South to challenge President Jonathan in 2015.

This is not the era of power shift for its own sake or we shall all very well die of hunger in this state that Okowa and his disgusting PDP minions have turned into their personal estate.

Unless we are a pack of fools consigned to endlessly repeat our mistakes, the scales should have falling from our eyes by now for us to see the light, know the truth and realize exactly where our destiny lies.

As far as 2019 is concerned, we of the APC, in concert with the overwhelming majority of Deltans who look to us for rescue from the Satanism of PDP rule, must insist that our flag bearer can come from anywhere as long as it is in Delta, provided that such candidate has the political credibility, psychological determination and overall wherewithal to fly our flag right into Government House.

If such candidate happens to come from Delta North, we must embrace him or her, provided they must have emerged by our free will and collective subscription.

Of course, if such a candidate is from Delta South, we must be forthright enough to render the requisite support for wresting power from the PDP menace which clearly knows no Senatorial District.

Similarly, if such person ends up emerging from Delta Central or Delta South, we must all close ranks and come together as one united state to support him or her for the purpose of fighting our come enemy and rescuing our state for all of us.

This must become the irrevocable determination of absolutely every Deltan desirous of liberation from the humiliating assault we have suffered from the PDP thus far.

Indeed, as we march towards our inevitable liberation come 2019, our watch word must not be where our next Governor comes from. Our abiding article of faith should rather be what can he do for us as a people regardless of where he hails from?

Case closed.

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