By Onoviosa Akpojevwe



Prof Sunny Iyuke

The current and graduated students of Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) Effurun, Delta State recently lauded the principal of the Institute, Professor Sunny Iyuke for his remarkable achievements since he assumed office as the CEO/Principal of the Institute.

The students in a gathering at PTI to celebrate and appraise Prof. Sunny Iyuke two years in the office noted that the management of the Institute led by Prof. Iyuke has performed creditably well in all areas especially upgrade of facilities and improved academic training.

The delegation of NANS, Ex- President and the Present Executive of SUG PTI commended Prof. Iyuke for his landmark achievements.

They recalled that from 2007 till date many Principals and Acting Principals have ran the affairs of the Institute with little or no achievement, stressing that since July, 2016 when the Federal government appointed a renowned South African based professor, Sunny Iyuke as new principal and Chief Executive Officer has resulted in improved management and academic training of the institute.

According to them “In less than two years of his stay in the institute, Professor Iyuke has been honoured with so many awards and commendations for his great innovations which includes connection of the burnt 33KVA line which has led to regular power and water supplies in the institute, uninterrupted academic activities: commencement of National Diploma Programmes in Computer science and information technology: introduction of post HND and Masters Programme in Petroleum Engineering : Industrial peace on campus : confirmation of 159 staff employed in 2015: revitalization of the Offshore Technology Centre(OTC):establishment of skill development academy centre at the Osubi campus, reactivation of research and development directorate, construction of 300 seater auditorium and road network on campus renovation of the ultra-modern swimming pool, renovation of male and female hostels, opening of long abandoned female NDDC hostel, fixing of all the street lights in the school premises.

Also, the additional male hostel project that has been on hold since 2007, is now in use and the road leading to the hostel is under massive construction”.

They remarked that renovations are going on in different areas of the school, like the General Studies Department building and construction of the new lecture theatre.

They also noted in his two years in the office he has conducted 2 convocations a record that had not been in the institute before, stressing it was the first time in over 15 years that graduates from institute are mobilized for NYSC the same year they graduated due to the smooth running of the calendar, adding that his managerial skills has seen him manage agitations from both students and staff amicably a record that has not been set by any principal without protest and strike, and noted that he brought up policy that has been inclusive of the students more than the staff in terms of student’s welfares and comfort.

SUG president  2014/2015 session Comr. Akamune Oke described Prof. Iyuke as a round peg in a round hole and a proof of great leadership and transformation agent who has done marvelously well beyond expectation. “This is the first time to my knowledge that PTI has a great principal after many years. He brought the school out of financial darkness, mismanagement, and nepotism to the mountain of bright light and innovation”.

Comr. Maryjane Akpomudhere Student Welfare Director 2017/2018 said that Prof. Iyuke is a hard work, kind hearted, innovative and easy going man “Prof. Iyuke is a simple man who even outside his office you’ll be rest assured he will listen to you. I was shocked the day I saw him at the new lab in the school premises on a Sunday evening. He was just taking a walk and funnily, he was alone. I went to him and greeted him we got talking and he told me he was going around the school to know the level of construction work. Imagine! On a weekend, he still mapped out time to check the situation of things around the school. There and then, I knew PTI has gotten the long awaited Messiah that will perfect all imperfections.”