By Kingsley Abavo, Benin



Prophet Jordan Kelechi Iwuala is the General Overseer, Redemption Church of All Nations, Benin – City, Edo State. In an encounter with our Correspondent in the State capital recently, he spoke about several revelations given to him by God concerning many disturbing challenges confronting the Nigeria nation and even President Muhammadu Buhari’s  ill – health. They seem so intriguing and revealing.



  1. The Lord of Hosts gave me the solution to stop Boko – Haram. The Lord said that the 36 States Governors and their deputies must gather together with the President and the Vice – President, then the Lord showed me how to divide them into three groups; Group one – all the Governors, Group two – all the deputy Governors plus the Vice – President, and  Group three – the President alone.


Prophet Jordan Kelechi Iwuala

Prophet Jordan Kelechi Iwuala

The Lord said that President Buhari should handle one group, based on the divine instructions. The Lord of Hosts said when these divine instructions are obeyed, then He would arise and save His people, and that He will cause Boko – Haram to die a natural death.

  1. I saw heavy crisis in the Western part of Nigeria and this will involve the Odua People’s Congress (OPC) leader, Gani Adams signing a peace accord. Let the West pray.
  1. The Lord God said hence President Muhammadu Buhari insists on probing corrupt Nigerians, he should go ahead but should not prosecute them because it will ignite crises in the country.
  1. I saw civil war in the south east and south – south, and I saw the Nigerian Air – Force war planes bombarding these two regions. Let Nigerians pray against heavy bloodshed.
  1. I saw President Muhammadu Buhari send his military boys to South – East and South – South, and the unprofessional conduct of the soldiers triggered off war in these two regions. Let Nigerians pray.
  1. The Lord God said that President Buhari should close the wide gap between the rich and the poor, as this will reduce the insecurity in Nigeria.
  1. I saw large number of JAMB applicants offered fake admission in Nigeria Universities. Some of the fake admission will be discovered after one year, some after second year, some after third year, and some during final year. Students and parents should pray very well.
  1. I saw mass slaughter of old politicians in Nigeria.
  2. I saw Prophet T. B. Joshua. He should pray against planting of hard drugs in his environ by three young men.
  1. I saw an angel of the Lord and he said unto me, even if President Buhari’s government is elected again in 2019, the hardship in the country will continue.
  1. I saw Rev. Father Mbaka in the newspaper, with people gathered about him. He should pray against bad news.
  1. I saw Super Eagles poor performance and the Lord said it is as a result of factions in the team and NFF.
  1. I saw the news of civil war being read all over the media in the spirit realm. Let Nigerians pray against civil war.
  1. The Lord of Hosts said that President Buhari should strictly guide the soldiers he is sending to South – East and South – South because if the civil war starts, God said He is going to remove the glory of President Buhari and as well remove his protection and that of Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha.
  1. The Lord of Hosts said if President Buhari allows the war to start in these two regions, that He will not answer the prayers of President Buhari and that of Governor Rochas Okrocha during that time. And I saw the war starting on a Wednesday, at 9a.m.
  1. The Almighty God said if Nigeria must remain united, that I, Prophet Jordan Kelechi Iwuala and Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God should convene a crusade on behalf of Nigeria at three different locations in Nigeria namely; Abuja ( Eagle Square), Imo State, and Rivers State or Bayelsa State.

That of Abuja, the Lord said President Buhari must be present till the end of the crusade. That of Imo State, the Lord said Governor Rochas Okorocha should represent President Buhari. And that of Rivers State, or Bayelsa State, the Lord said that the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo should represent the President.

The Lord said at the end of each crusade, a coconut seed will be planted at the three venues in the presence of the Muslim Imams. This crusade the Lord said, that the government should not partake at all in the sponsorship; rather He will cause His children to sponsor the crusade.

  1. Again the Lord Almighty said that President Buhari should urgently convene a Sovereign National Conference devoid of deceit to address all agitations in the country, this divine instruction and the above instruction must be obeyed if Nigeria must remain united.
  1. I saw Boko – Haram insurgents using chemical weapons to pollute the air and peoples’ bodies were peeling off. Let the Nigerian government prepare against chemical weapon.
  2. The Lord said to me that the sponsors of Boko – Haram insurgents are 100 in number. The Lord said that the sponsors of Boko – Haram are in the Government Houses of Nigeria, in the Army, Navy, Air force, Police and former government officials in Nigeria.
  1. I saw heavy crisis swallowed the North – Central with heavy bloodshed.
  1. I saw PDP party members mobilizing serious protests all over Nigeria against President Buhari’s government. This protest will last long.
  1. The Lord revealed to me where there is oil (Petroleum products) in my community, Lorji in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Council Area, Imo State. And the Lord said to me that when the Nigeria government will come to drill it, it will be done by European oil drilling company. Please, let the government come and drill the oil in Lorji community.
  1. The Lord said to me, tell the Nigerian government to use one of the public holidays as Thanksgiving Day to God nationwide, every year.
  1. I saw former President Goodluck Jonathan,s posters all over the streets spiritually.
  1. I saw the Vice President of Biafran nation behind the Biafran flag, which invariably means that Biafran nation struggle, shall be a reality.
  1. The Lord of Hosts said that the capital of Biafra shall no longer be in Enugu rather in “AHIARA MBAISE” where Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu made his declaration; AHIARA Declaration in Imo State.
  1. The word of the Lord came to me before all the Igbos, I have chosen a man who shall speak for the Igbos during the war that is coming very soon and he is Chief Orji Kalu, former Governor of Abia State.

During that time the Federation shall request from the Igbo nation a Representative or Speaker, who will speak for the Igbo nation. God said those professors they would prefer during the negotiation period shall surely fail, but if the Igbo nation uses Chief Orji Uzor Kalu that they shall surely succeed.

  1. I saw in Nigeria schools, markets and other public places being guarded by soldiers to enable people move in and out. Let Nigerians pray for divine intervention.
  1. I saw 106 APC party members die in an accident, though the party leadership would be claiming 96. Let the APC members pray against it.
  1. The Lord of Hosts said that He wants to make Senator Hope Uzodinma of Imo State more popular in the midst of many power saying no. God said to me tell Hope Uzodinma that I have sworn by my name to speak for him and defend him. Let Senator Hope Uzodinma get ready for 2019.


Prophet Jordan can be contacted via -08181647311.