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Urhobo College sign post

Urhobo College sign post

Amidst divergent suggestions by experts at different times in search of solution to prevailing challenge of poor standard of education in Nigeria, old students of Urhobo College Effurun, Delta State have called for the re – introduction of boarding House (on campus) system in secondary schools.

Urhobo College old Students Association (UCOSA), Benin branch made the call during its Annual Dinner event held last weekend in the Edo State capital City.

The old students expressed the belief that the re – introduction of boarding House system into secondary schools by Government, will in no small measure help to raise the bar in the fallen standard and quality of education in the country.

Speaking with journalists, chairman of the branch, Isaac Obiuvwevbi noted that the boarding House system was a big contributory factor to quality and high standard of education obtained in the days of old.

These days, students go through the school and it appears the school does not go through them, he said adding; “in our time, as we go through the school, it has a culture which positively impacted the students but these days, that is absent because schools operates day students system.

“I will encourage; if it is possible, if the funds are available, the Government should establish boarding House system and build on it. It will create a positive culture in the school.

“Like when we were at Urhobo College we had time – table; we had time for sleeping, we had prep period, afternoon and evenings and time to eat.

According to him, the boarding House system was organized, promoted bonding and impacted discipline on the students and helped raised standard in education in the olden days but all that has vanished.

Due to the day students system operated in Nigerian schools these days, the school does not have much influence on the students like it used to be in the days of old, he reiterated.

“If the school really has to pass through the students, boarding House system should be re – introduced by government, he emphasized.

The Public Relations Officer of the Association, Sam Okonedo a.k.a Molopo spoke in the same vein.

“If the government can bring back boarding House system, it will no doubt help raise the fallen standard of education.”

Okonedo who disclosed that he was a school national athlete, javelin record holder asserted; “We combined both sports and intelligence at Urhobo College but lamented; removal of boarding House system from schools killed a lot in the educational system.

“In the case of Urhobo College, the old students Association fought to bring back the boarding House system which today is positively impacting the new generation of students and the school itself.”

Okonedo expressed the belief that the re – introduction of the boarding House system in schools and old students made the principal, will in no small measure help to raise the prevailing fallen standard of education.

This is as secretary of the Association, barr. Isah Aigbokhabho in his contribution also aligned with the earlier speakers.

Lamenting prevailing fallen standard of education in Nigeria, Aigbokhabho said the re – introduction of boarding House system in secondary schools is an issue government both at the Federal and State level must give a decisive attention without further delay.

This is against the background that the high quality and standard of education prevalent in the days of old but now lost, were incubated, hatched and nurtured in students at that level as they imbibed the capability to effectively handle future challenges and responsibilities, Aigbokhabho argued.

Adding colour to the event, a member of the Association, Evang. Edo Ukochovwera an expert in alternative medicine delivered lecture on health issues; prevention, treatment, and cure using roots, herbs and tree barks.

In the lecture titled; ‘The Essence of Herbs, and Roots in Man’s Health’ Evang. Ukochovwera dwelling on the potency of roots, herbs, and tree barks in the treatment of ailments, said it was divinely given to man by God.

He listed at least 26 various ailments among which are; cancer, ulcer, even the dreaded HIV/AIDS, fibroid, asthma that could be treated and cured using roots, herbs, and tree barks.

Ukochovwera enjoined Nigerians to seize the God given opportunity as alternative source to get healing when ill as they are sometimes more effective than the orthodox medicine which he said often than not has side effects.

There was much to eat and drink with beautiful music to spice it up at the Annual Dinner which had families and friends of members of the Association in attendance