By Sunday Idowu



Allan Obinna Okechukwu

Allan Obinna Okechukwu

The Orile police division in Lagos have disclosed the names of a recently arrested suspect, Allan Oinna Okechukwu, age 24, who has been evading arrest for quite some time.


Our police source said that Mr Okechukwu was caught at the Precint Comfort Hotel in Ikoyi, making love to another man on the 12th of January this year by a staff at the hotel whose name we cannot disclose for security reasons. Mr Okechukwu and his same sex partner made a swift get-away from the hotel before the police arrived at the scene.


The hotel staff was quoted as saying “I quickly went to inform the hotel manager of what I saw which is unthinkable because of the simple fact that I am a Christian and against homosexuality. It was a disgusting sight, seeing two men making love”.


SPY News sources revealed that the other suspect in this particular incident at the Precinct Comfort Hotel is one Kayode Akintola.


In an interview with SPY News the Orile divisional police officer, Chief Superintendent Patrick Daaor, confirmed the arrest and that the suspect, Mr Okechukwu is currently under police custody.



Kayode Akintola

Kayode Akintola

During the interview with SPY News, the chief superintendent also disclosed that the 24 year old Allan Obinna Okechukwu is believed to have used several aliases at home and abroad to conceal his identity while living in the shadows of his crime, but that the days of Mr Okechukwu perpetuating such crime are now numbered as he was apprehended at the border while returning from Ghana.


Furthermore, the chief superintendent revealed that Allan’s arrest led to more interrogation that uncovered more alibis that would be brought to justice when they are apprehended; according to Allan’s confession, an 18 year old man, Soute Paulo Utobivbi whom he met in the United Kingdom in July 2010 was his homosexual partner whom he also claimed to enjoy making love to, an affair which lasted for several weeks while Kayode Akintola, age 26 is his true love.


According to our news sources during interrogation, Allan confessed he started a relationship with Kayode Akintola in November 2010, shortly after he arrived from Belgium with a different identity.


The chief superintendent further confirmed that although it is believed that Soute Paulo Utobivbi is a Sierra Leonean national of Nigeria and Portuguese descent, he will be arrested if encountered in Nigeria.


The Nigeria police through their spokesperson, Mr Teslim Dosu has also confirmed that intelligence reports will be passed on to the Sierra Leonean authorities, should Soute be spotted within its borders.


PauloFollowing police investigation, Mr Kayode is believed to have been smuggled to Singapore under an unknown identity. However, information about him has now been circulated to all police departments within the country.


According to the police spokesperson, Mr Okechukwu has been under the Nigeria Police radar for quite some time and being able to finally get their man who will certainly be prosecuted and if found guilty, faces a 14 year prison sentence is one to be celebrated.


The Nigerian Police Force is calling this a victory against homosexuality which also sending a clear message to Nigerians both at home and abroad who practice or indulge in any act of homosexuality.