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Ajayi Sunday

Ajayi Sunday

The police in Sango otta on a directive from the Ogun State police Command are looking for a 37year old man identified as Mr Ajayi Sunday who was alleged to be homosexual, along with two others namely Mr Moruf Bada and another Mr Jame kunle, who were also on the run from the police.

Mr Ajayi Sunday was arrested during a dispute over monetary settlement of purchase of a petrol station located at Agbado Road along Ijoko area in Ogun state and the arrest resulted in a bloody clash between thugs loyal to two feuding parties over settlement from the proceeds of the petrol station.
It was learnt that the petrol station was bought by one Chief kola Amos from Oba Lasisi Ogunseye Onijoko while another party claimed that the land belong to Oba Alani Mantanmi and also wanted to be settled.
As the dispute raged, thugs loyal to both parties were said to have engaged themselves in a bloody clash which led to the death of five persons with property worth millions of naira looted and damaged. Ajayi sunday who later escaped from police custody, we further learnt.
our investigation revealed that Ajayi Sunday was arrested in error as he was picked by the police on his way from work the second day after the clash and received serious torture while in police custody .

His case was however complicated when his wife came to the station and made an incriminating statement claiming that her husband was homosexual. According to her the same complaint had earlier been incidented at a police station in Lagos some months back. She could not explain how her husband succeeded in escaping from police custody.

It could be recalled that former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo was said to have a hand in the imposition Oba Oba Alani Matanmi on the people of Sango Otta against the rightful heir to the throne Oba Lasisi Ogunseye Onijoko for reasons linked to political interests.