By Jon Egie




Chief Ighoyota Amori

Chief Ighoyota Amori

A PDP stalwart in Ughelli North LGA and state deputy chairman of Delta Youth Mandate, Prince Samuel Robinson has called on delegates for the Senate primary election scheduled to hold on Sunday, Dec 7; to vote enmasse’ for Chief Ighoyota Amori.


In a statement, Prince Robinson urged the delegates not to sell their votes to a man who makes beggars of men but encouraged them to vote for a man who teaches men how to catch fish.


He described Chief Ighoyota Amori as a man who is capable of repositioning the Urhobo nation and restoring her lost glory when elected as Senator representing Delta Central.


“Amori is a servant-leader, a man who has made people, a bridge-builder, a grassroots mobilizer. He is the best material to represent the Urhobo people at the red chambers.


“When Amori steps into a place people feel his impact. He is blunt, vocal and frank. Such is the man we need to represent the interest of the Urhobo people; not such that would show no care about his people, not such that are selfish, not such that are sadists, not such that would sleep in the House; Amori is a man of the people, please support him” Prince Robinson sued.