By Jon Egie



Chief Amos Itiwhe

Chief Amos Itiwhe

The FG has been advised to be careful with the conduct of the governorship election in Bayelsa State slated for Saturday, Dec.5


A chieftain of the PDP in Delta State, Chief Amos Itiwhe gave the advice in an interview recently.


He cautioned the FG to ensure that they do not use the military to intimidate and manipulate the election in favour of the ruling APC.


Against the backdrop of the threat by the APC to grab Niger Delta states including Bayelsa into its fold, Chief Itiwhe called on the FG not to use its resources to threaten the prevailing peace in the Niger Delta.


“The FG should steer clear of the election and allow the people of Bayelsa go to the poll and vote for their choice like what happened in Kogi state. They should not use military might to intimidate the electorate because if they do that they are going to cause chaos that could trigger the Ijaw people to violence that could lead to problem in Bayelsa State. If any problem happens in Bayelsa state it will take a spread to other neighbouring Niger Delta states and by extension, the economy of this country will stand down and that will affect the well-being of the nation at large.” Itiwhe said.


He also called on Bayelsans to be united during the election and never allow any form of intimidation from any quarter.


“Whether you are APC or PDP or any other political party, the Bayelsa people should be united and reject any interference by the military. If they do so, I know their choice candidate will emerge as the governor of Bayelsa state.


He declared that the APC made a mistake in fielding Timipreye Sylva as its governorship candidate knowing full well his antecedents.


“Sylva has ruled the state as a governor and he has his shortcomings, I do not know what he really wants to go back there. I believe that whatever happens the PDP candidate will have the day because of the antecedents of the APC candidate.”


Speaking on the Kogi State governorship election also scheduled to hold on Dec.5, Amos Itiwhe urged all actors and stakeholders to embrace peace and allow the election to go on if that is the only way out for fairness and justice to prevail in that state.


“Maybe, the PDP stronghold is the only remaining local government areas where the supplementary election will hold and PDP may claim them and before you know it the PDP will be afloat and declared the winner of the election” Itiwhe enthused.