By Jon Egie





Mr Jenkins Whisike

Mr Jenkins Whisike

The purported endorsement of Chief Emerhor Otega as candidate for the Delta Central Senate seat made vacant by the demise of Senator Pius Ewherido by the Prudent Democratic Movement (PDM) has been faulted.


Picking holes with the recent declaration made by Barr Moses Oddirri who is an advocate of Derivation Fund and an arrow head of PDM, a leader of the Democratic People’s Party (DPP) in Ughelli, Mr Jekins Whisike said Section 221 and 222 of the 1999 constitution, as amended, prohibit any political association (xyz) from going into alliance with a registered political party.


“PDM as a political association led by Barr Moses Oddirri and Chief Henry Olori that purportedly endorsed Chief Emerhor Otega for the senatorial ambition does not have the constitutional power to canvass for votes for any candidate for any election.


“PDM is not known to law since it is not a registered political party, it is a mere political forum only existing on the pages of newspapers without an office address just like the defunct Derivation Fund that existed on the pages of newspapers and text messages which was led by Barr Moses Oddirri and has finally died and buried in the political cemetery of Delta State.”


Mr Whisike derecognized Barr Oddirri as an opposition leader in Delta State saying the only opposition political party recognized by law, “most importantly by  the good people of Delta State is the DPP which is led by Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru.


“Even the PDP recognizes and appreciates so much, the strength and value of the lead opposition led by Chief Great Ogboru such that they tremble and buckle up any time elections are at the corner. The people of Delta State have invested their trust and hope on the DPP and at any time they are ready to vote for the DPP and apart from the DPP, no other opposition party exists in Delta State.”


In a rebuttal, he said the DPP in Delta State and at the national level is not fictionalized but one united political party which national chairman is Maj.Gen. Bashir Magashi (rtd) and the Delta State chairman is Chief Tony Ezeagwu.


“We of the DPP are so disappointed that a man like Chief Emerhor Otega who we have so much respect for because of his recorded successes and high repute in banking, business, political and community leadership could fall prey to the wiles of Moses Oddirri and co to misleading  him into a purported endorsement that will not stand the test of time. We appeal to Chief Emerhor Otega to retrace his steps from giving support to the likes of Akamukali, Henry Olori and others so that he will not end up tarnishing his political image which he has painstaking built over the years.


“We call on the leadership of the UPU to note that somebody whose political ambition is being managed by the likes of Moses Oddirri and Henry Olori should not be given support by the UPU because these people do not have respect for constituted authority.”


To guide Chief Emerhor on the dangers and futility of the path PDM is leading him on, Jenkins Whisike pointed out that the recent registration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has finally defined, without ambiguity, who are the true leaders of DPP.


“Some persons said that they are the leaders of DPP and that DPP was in the merger with APC; the likes of Akamukali and Chief Henry Olori who said they had moved DPP to be part of the merger; but with the pronouncement of INEC, only three political parties formed the merger (ACN, ANPP and CPC) and the certificates of registration of each of those individual political parties have been withdrawn by INEC but DPP remains a registered political party like APC, they are all political classmates.


“It is a pity that those who were accommodated and put in leadership positions in DPP, an opportunity that made them to have political relevance have now become political orphans because the sharing formula of political party offices from the ward level to the national level will be appropriated among the three political parties that merged to form the APC. They have no place and they have no voice, not even as a minority. They are now politically homeless.


“The registration of APC where Sir Akamukali parades himself as the national auditor pust paid to his claims as the national chairman of the DPP and  any further attempt for him to parade himself as such, we will not hesitate to alert the law enforcement agencies to effect his arrest because the law says, nobody can belong to two political parties at the same time.” Jekins Whisike warned.