*Seeks Govt, NGOs support


By Vincent Ogbunisi Onyeisi



Paul and Ewomazino

The Chief executive officers (CEOs) of PaulZee collections, Paul Austin Ikosah and Zino Chinoyerem Ogbunisi recently at the St Paul’s Cathedral Hall, Oleh in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State has said that the importance of fashion designing cannot be over emphasized, especially when the need to make the people look good and model arises.

The Chief executive officers of the talk of the town fashion designing home in Oleh stated this in an interview with newsmen during one of their outings to show case some modeling new outlook fashions designed by the PaulZee fashion home.

In the well attended fashion display show, the organizers Paul and Ewomazino said they were out to create a major platform towards injecting new designs into the world designer’s market stock for others who are into fashion industries to emulate.

At the night of the designers’ show organized by the Paul-Zee collections, lots of marveling and well designed fashions were displayed to suit adults, youths, male and female of various new modeling wares including children’s ware and pregnant women free wares.

The CEOs however appealed to the Government and NGOs in Nigeria and abroad to lend some supporting hands in order to encourage Paul-Zee fashion world designers to reach out to those who need to be trained in pursuance of skill acquisition for our numerous jobless youths out there seeking for means to self reliance, especially at this time when Okowa promised Deltans better life for all.

According to the organizers, though the running of a well modeling fashion design home may be very capital intensive but also very profit oriented when established and urged the Local, State and Federal Government, including the NGOs at home and abroad to come to their aid to enable for a good package of made-in-Nigeria designs for all categories of human beings.

While addressing the audience, Ewomazino Nonye  Ogbunisi in agreed terms with Paul Austin Ikosah  and Mateno collections said the idea of organizing the event which was the first edition of the New look Fashion invasion was motivated by their passion for fashion and their desires to satisfy the demands of customers with new trends of designs.

Paul Austin Ikosah while speaking also, in his own statement on behalf of others added that providing a platform of this nature will not only create awareness but also boost the input and output of the best modeling homes in fashion designs.

Some of the sponsors of the PaulZee collections and designers night includes Mr. Dan Odhomo- Public   Relation Officer (PRO) of Isoko Development Union (IDU) and his wife, Evang. Austin Ikosah and his wife of the Adam preaching Church, Mr. Festus Medenes and Mrs. Ohoro Joy amongst many others .

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Dan Odhomo expressed his joy and interest over the model creativity as displayed by the organizers particularly by the youths of Isoko nation and enjoined the youths of Isoko nationality to see the event as a means to encourage themselves that with their hands and talents, they could make living without depending on any one but God Almighty alone.

According to him, all the youths need do is to go back to the drawing board and remember where they are coming from and further take more self dependable steps in order to help themselves, others and their  parents at old age.

Also commending the organizers of the occasion, Evang. Austin Ikosah urged them to keep it up for the betterment of their tomorrow.

Condemning the idea of quick money making without making good use of our God’s given talent deposited in every one of us, the man of God, Evang. Austin Ikosah called on the Government and our law makers to enact a law and create an enabling policies that could take the youths out of the streets by encouraging them becoming more creative to reduce crime and the acts of fraudsters popularly known as “G-boys” .

Fashion designing, he noted is a money making entrepreneur since every one, young or old wants to fashionably look good and urged the designers to always create something best for the people in order to continue to patronize them.