right to vote

right to vote

Lately, the media have been awashed with the rumour of the purported anointing of Mr. Tony Obuh, a former Permanent Secretary in the Delta State Government House by the Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan to be the PDP candidate for the 2015 governorship election. Although the Governor has denied the allegation, clear cut, to the face of elder stateman, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, yet protagonists of the rumour are quoted as saying the gist is the true reflection of the mind and thought of the governor.


PDP chieftains in the likes of Chief Ayiri Emami, a close associate and confidant of the governor leads the group that radicalises the Obuh anointing gospel. He was quoted as saying that he was speaking the mind of the governor on the subject matter and notable politicians of the PDP stock have fallen in line with him. Indeed, since the birth of the Obuh anointing phenomenon, all had not been the same again in the political equation of Delta State especially among major aspirants for the governorship race. Distrust and bad blood has been generated by a good number of those who feel the gospel was antidemocratic and have vowed to resist the attempt.


They argue that although Tony Obuh, a true Deltan, has the right to contest for the highest office in the state, yet by the working of party politics, he needed to sow before he would reap. They believe that should the plot to impose Tony Obuh on the PDP members and chieftains succeed, then the whole political class in Delta State would have been retired from active politicking. The implication of the plot is that since 1999 till date, the leadership of the PDP in Delta State has not been able to groom leaders that would take over from them and hence they have now opted for a political neophyte, one who used to answer ‘Sir’ to the politicians to boss them. It is this attempt to compulsorily retire them that they have resolved to resist even at the cost of the party’s performance in the 2015 general election.


Sources within reach of this newspaper have opined that with the dexterity and confidence that Tony Obuh entered the race coupled with the alleged support by the sitting state governor, his chances of picking the PDP ticket are very bright and that once that was done, it is as good as saying that he is the next governor.


Some sources say the Obuh dream will be truncated during the governorship primary as the old horses will damn the consequence of disobeying an order by whosever is projecting him to be governor by carrying out their independent decision at the primary polls. But, should their effort fail, they conclude that the party (PDP) would bear the brunt.


It was learnt that the arch movers of the party are already perfecting plans to disgrace the PDP at the polls should the Obuh anointing service hold by pitching tent with the opposition. If this happens, a source said, the real casualty of the whole misadventure would be President Goodluck Jonathan’s dream for re-election in 2015. According to our source, the aggrieved PDP members and leaders, offended aspirants and their followers would queue behind a favoured opposition candidate and put the PDP to shame.


Other sources have said that apart from towing the line of the opposition, other aggrieved aspirants may actually resort to violence if democratic principles are not put into action in the selection of who the party’s flag bearer would be.


We call on all actors to imbibe the spirit of democracy. We specially call on the leadership of the PDP to ensure that a popular aspirant emerges as the candidate of the PDP to avoid untoward consequences. We believe that if a free and fair primary election is conducted, the winner will embrace the loosers and there shall be one love, peace and progress in Delta State. On the principles of democracy we stand.