By Jon Egie



Chief Ekure receiving Oshasha to the APC fold

Chief Ekure receiving Oshasha to the APC fold

Ughelli Township, Saturday, Sept 9 was grid locked when Olorogun Ovoke Oshasha, a former chieftain of the PDP along with his followers decamped to the APC.

Faithful of the APC had gathered at the party secretariat along Ughelli/Patani Road where Olorogun Oshasha and his wife were received by the chairman of APC in Ughelll\i North, Chief Felix Ekure.

Speaking before receiving the decampee, Chief Ekure announced that the decamp of Olorogun Oshasha would be celebrated with a rally round Ughelli Township to showcase the fact that Ughelli is an APC enclave and that Gov Okowa is a one-term governor.


Oshasha greeting APC faithful after being received to the party

Oshasha greeting APC faithful after being received to the party

Overwhelmed by the multitude of persons who graced the event, Chief Ekure said he was convinced, more than ever, that APC is the bonafide owner of Ughelli North LGA.

He described Olorogun Oshasha as a man of his words, resourceful and with international reach. He added that with Olorogun Oshasha joining forces, the APC will bend the PDP in Delta State to breaking point and without fear of any untoward consequence called on all politicians, even remaining members of the PDP to join APC.

In his speech, Olorogun Ovoke Oshasha paid tribute to the excellent performance of the APC at the federal level especially in the appointments made so far that benefit sons of Ughelli North LGA saying that the gesture has attracted a large number of former PDP members to the party, with others on the queue to decamp.


Oshasha making his speech at Uloho's residence

Oshasha making his speech at Uloho’s residence

“The little structure of PDP remaining will be so insignificant and that will be the end of the PDP. In fact, come 2019, PDP will be a thing of the past, PDP will be dead and buried in 2019” Oshasha said.

Dr Otive Igbuzor, a Chieftain of the APC, in a speech noted that the 17 years rule of the PDP in Delta State is marked with a trail of abandoned projects and with individual members of PDP being richer than Delta State.

Referring to the biblical injunction that when the righteous bear the rule the people rejoice, he stressed that the opposite was the case in Delta State.

“We are suffering in Delta State because we are being ruled by wicked people” he said and urged all Christians in Delta State not to leave politics to the charlatans and wicked people to take charge.


Dr Igbuzor speaking during the occasion

Dr Igbuzor speaking during the occasion

The Oshasha decamp rally took off from the APC secretariat through the Ughelli/Warri Road to Ekiugbo town and proceeded through the Ughelli main market, gathered more supporters along the way until the convoy landed at the residence of Chief Austin Uloho, a chieftain of the APC in Ughelli. Vehicular movement was brought to a halt as the convoy trailing over 700m moved on with Olorogun Oshasha and wife cheering residents with a wave.

At the market, traders and market women hailed the decamp of Oshasha and called for the obliteration of the name of Okowa from Delta politics.

According to Hon Rufus Edoja Akpodiete, the rally was meant ot send a clear message to the PDP that the APC was in a hurry to right the many wrongs of the PDP in Delta State, specifically, to alleviate the sufferings of Deltans occasioned by Gov Okowa’s administration.

Rounding up the event, Chief Austin Uloho used the opportunity to call on all sons and daughters of Ughelli North who have political ambitions to come out and declare their intents assuring that the APC will submerge the PDP in 2019.