By Jon Egie




Chief Barr Andi Kayoma Osawota

Chief Barr Andi Kayoma Osawota

Former DESOPADEC Secretary, Chief Barr Andi Kayoma Osawota has warned that if the PDP in Delta State wants to continue to be relevant in the 2015 political year, then the party must choose the rightful candidate for the Delta Central Senatorial bye-election otherwise, PDP tale will be told.

Chief Osawota gave the warning in an interview when he paid an enlightenment visit to members of the Grassroots politicians in Ughelli North LGA on Friday, 24 Aug at the Owumi Guest House, Ughelli.


Chief Osawota who was accompanied by a retinue of his supporters met the Chief Pius Ovbije led group to tell them that he wants to contest for the Delta Central seat in the Senate.


He expressed satisfaction with the drive of the group that is opposed to any form of imposition of candidates against the popular will of the people in any election. Chief Osawota prayed the leader of the group, Chief Pius Ovbije to properly screen those who would come to seek the group’s support for the Senate bye-election boasting that he has worked for and still very committed to working for the cause of the Urhobo people as his antecedents in DESOPADEC shows.


For him, his first mission of aspiring to go to the Senate is to unite Urhobo and for this reason, some persons were already opposed to his ambition.



Chief Pius Ovbije prays for Osawota

Chief Pius Ovbije prays for Osawota

Responding, Chief Pius Ovbije on behalf of the Grassroots politicians in Ughelli prayed for the success of the political endeavour of Chief Osawota.


Cornered for an interview shortly after, our reporter asked Chief Osawota if his first mission of uniting Urhobo as stated was not an insurmountable task. In his response, Chief Osawota said the task is not insurmountable.


“The Urhobo people are a people of special identity, they are distinct in the system, and they occupy eight LGAs. For now, for some reasons especially of economy, the Urhobo psyche and will is broken, but what I am saying is that we have to put the federation of the minds of the Urhobo individuals together psychologically, and I must tell you, for now, if you ask an Urhobo man to look for N500, 000 for you a lot of people will begin to withdraw and that tells you how bad it is.


“But first when people are united, in unity there is development. So although from one tribe to the other are distinct in division, there should be no disunity; the language dialectically could change a little but we are all Urhobo people and there should be no disunity. In unity we stand divided we fall, so why do you think it is insurmountable?


Reminded that the way and manner the array of aspirants to succeed late Senator Ewherido carry themselves suggest that they do not seem to listen to the united voice of the leadership of Urhobo implying that the task of uniting the Urhobo is uphill;  Osawota said, yes, that is not a problem.


“Before now the Urhobo were very united if they were not united hown could Okumagba contest election against Ali, an Urhobo man contesting an election in the whole of Bendel State. I am not saying we should be tribalistic because we must stretch our hands of fellowship to our neighbours; the Itsekiri, Ijaw, Isoko like I did in DESOPADEC. When I was giving out, especially touching the human capital development I did it all on broad spectrum. If you call Itseiri boys they will tell you I made it possible for them to be employed. The same goes for the Isoko,Ijaw and Kwale. So, this is what I am talking about, but first at home, when there is unity then with one voice we speak.


“ Let me tell you something, a situation where the will of the people is psyche up, then this is not a problem because you can now speak with one voice, with one voice you can have ministers, with one voice a Senator will be chosen. Take for instance, DSC, why should laws not be made to make sure that DSC is effective. These are some of the things we have to touch but if you do not have unity you cannot develop. It is phase one unity, phase two development both in human, capital and realties-realties mean pure capital development, industries will be set up. Look at the pulps around the river, why don’t we convert it to money? You are a Journalist, all over the world print media material is very expensive, and so can’t we export newsprint? China and Japan do not have pulps and yet we have the pulps from Warri to Burutu wasting. The Itsekiri, the Ijaw, everybody along that terrain will benefit.


“When I was in DESOPADEC I had made all the plans ready to convert those pulps into money, what we call prosperity that is raw cash, when you hear of realty that is concrete plan of development. I must tell you, I am the person who is well prepared by the Almighty God to see to these things. You see my antecedents in DESOPADEC, it is not by accident, it is not by might, and it is not by power but by the grace of God. God is raising people all around the country to put good things in place so that the masses will enjoy, so that you can create the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. I don’t need to think twice to address the public, I don’t need to think twice to go and make laws in the Senate; let them take the best candidate, but one thing I will always say, if I am not endorsed by my party it is their business.

“ Let PDP be reminded, the party to which we all belong, that if they want PDP to continue in 2015, the masses you cannot match forever, let them choose a rightful candidate. If Chief Osawota is not the rightful candidate let them choose the rightful candidate. But for now I have looked at all my brothers contesting for the seat and I believe that the cap fits me properly and I can wear the shoes of Ewherido fittingly. “

When our reporter pointed out to him that the system does not allow good men who would provide for the welfare of the masses to emerge, Osawota  said, “ this is not the time to be critical of the system, this election is not the time to be critical of the system whether to be critical of the PDP or APC because this is an election like Goodluck Jonathan’s election, APC or ACN as it then was, they all voted, they had their Presidential candidate but they all voted for President Jonathan. They believed he is the rightful candidate to bring unity to Nigeria. He was a consensus candidate. I am saying APC,CPC, DPP, opposition parties they are all voting for me” he enthused.