By John Efe


Prof Paul Okumagba being celebrated as Orosuen of Okere-Urhobo

Leaders of Okere Urhobo Kingdom made up of the heads of the three ruling houses of Idama, Sowhoruvwe and Owhotemu have vowed to pursue the issues arising from the Oroseunship to a logical conclusion and ensure that justice is done and seen to be done.

In press a release made available to journalists in Warri, signed by Pa Churchill Oki, for Sowhoruvwe Ruling House and Apostle I A.M.Eraivor ,Head of the three ruling houses, and Chief Gideon Okumagba for Idama ruling house, they accused a cabal in the Kingdom of allegedly  using officers of the Delta State Directorate of Chieftaincy Affairs and Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of intimidate, provoke and suppress  “the genuine choice of the people as the Oroseun of the Kingdom”

They said the Government has no business in the nomination and selection process of Oroseun of Okere Urhobo Kingdom rather it was the duty of three Ruling Houses.

They described the present process as “An Absurdity”” because they did not participate in the process.

While disclosing that they made their positions known on who was nominated and selected to the Delta State Government via correspondence as published both in local and national dailies, yet they were ignored and that was why  they were in Court  both in the  High Court of Warri and Court of Appeal in Benin City  to seek justice over  the issue.

They alleged that their  “Binding Processes ” submitted to the Directorate of Chieftaincy Affairs ” was tempered with” and their demand for the ” Production and Certification” from the Directorate has not been complied with the till date.

The Leaders of Okere Urhobo Kingdom have expressed  confidence, that despite the alleged connivance of some” hawks” in the Kingdom, Directorate of Chieftaincy Affairs and the  Ministry of Justice, they were not going to relent, but would continue to follow the path of peace and due process to get justice.

They used the opportunity to advised those allegedly have been  “ lobbied,  lured, cajoled and coerced” to be given Chieftaincy titles tomorrow Saturday 27 April,2019, to have a rethink since it may affect their “personal credibility and integrity” in future.

As it stands presently most of the vibrant and traditional chiefs, including the Secretary of the Council of Chiefs were being sidelined and thereby shutting the door for peaceful resolution of the crisis in the kingdom