*Vows to fight on

*Says nobody can stop Buhari’s re-election

*Assures Ogboru is next governor of Delta state


By Jon Egie



Sen Ovie Omo-Agege addressing the press during the Airport reception

Since the advent of the present day democracy in Nigeria, the Urhobo nation has not ring a bell as loud as the amplitude of the decibels orchestrated by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.

Apart from Chief James Onanefe Ibori whose political stature spread shade across Nigeria’s political terrain, in controversial perspectives, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has in particular terms, lifted Urhobo nation on to heights that his predecessors leisurely slept over, contented in ambition for self and family only.

Some decades past, Chief Great Ogboru’s alleged involvement in changing the actors of the federal government of Nigeria had also sent a signal that the Urhobo nation, among the 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria could be enlisted on parade of a national force, and hence, the Urhobo nation rolled out the drums to celebrate Great Ogboru with a heroic reception, years back.

Since that epochal event held at the PTI, Effurun,  Urhobo nation had been induced to inaction by its slumbering political leaders and representatives.

Late Senator Pius Akpo Ewherido of blessed memory who rose to the occasion to ring the bell of Urhobo in the comity of ethnic groups in Nigeria was cut short at his prime and the Urhobo nation, once again became mute.

Muted and going dumb, the Urhobo nation being the dominant ethnic group in Delta State and at whose table the political compass of the state should be calibrated and read has also been crippled, going blind and reduced to voiceless beggars for political favours for the past eleven years.

Within this period and beyond,  Chief Great Ogboru has been trying to revive the Urhobo political soul from the reverie of the ghoulish political cloak of the powers that be. Senator Ovie Omo-Agege saw  altruism from the psychic illumination of the struggles of Ogboru and joined force; and since then, a ray of hope for the emancipation of the people of Delta State became  visible and by the aura of this glow, Omo –Agege, flooded in this powerful energy has been empowered to make war with the agents of darkness that have held Delta State and in particular, Urhobo nation, in the abyss of silence, deep thick silence controlled by  eerie dark figures; and the battle has raged on.

To be so anointed to wield the ‘Sword of Light’ against bearers of the ‘Shield of Darkness’ in Delta State, Omo-Agege was prepared-well birthed, educated, politically exposed and experienced, physically vigorous and equipped with mental alertness and dexterity as well as the courage and spiritual endowment of David to crack the Lion’s jaw.

When Omo-Agege defeated Chief Ighoyota Amori at the court to reclaim his mandate as senator representing the people of Urhobo (Delta Central) in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,  there was wild jubilation in Urhobo land as the people saw the hand of Providence close for their emancipation but little did they know that was just the beginning, that he was out to fight and win more battles for his constituents.

No sooner he settled down in the senate than the battle line between him and all those who would stand against progress of his people was drawn.

Conscious of the political influence of his home state over his constituents and the danger inherent in associating with the political actors that hold power there, he quickly aligned with the progressives and found favour in the hands of President Muhammadu Buhari and he would soon prove himself to be a faithful ally of the president when the occasion arose in the senate, he scuttled a plot to frustrate the re-election bid of PMB by opposing his colleagues’plan to re-order the sequence of the 2019 election already designed and made public by INEC.

For him, the plot was targeted at PMB and if allowed to fly, the reign of evil would continue in Nigeria and his home state. The National Assembly profiles him in these words:  “Ovie Omo-Agege, a lawyer, consummate grassroots politician and mobiliser, public administrator, corporate leader, erudite thought leader on good governance and public service” and he would really not have disappointed the Senate, Nigerians and his constituents when he stood up, held up the banner to protect his projected  national identity, to destroy the anti-Buhari plot.

Disturbed by the emergence of this Star from Urhobo, the leadership of the Senate in concert with his home political trolls rallied round and attempted to chase him out of the senate.  But the Urhobo political Star would not budge since he believed that nobody has the right and power, by any technicality or logic, to mute the voice of his people in the common place of assembly of Nigerians. So, he went to court and floored the senate gnomes and finally buried their plot against President Buhari.

In the heat of the battle, an embarrassing scene played out resulting in the invasion of the senate floor and by reason of coincidence of time-space motion, the senate leadership, and again, in concert with his home state political trolls, jumped high into the sky to celebrate the arrest of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege over senate mace brouhaha. But this led to a quantum-jump in his favour and he laughed last.

To crush his rising political career ahead of 2019, the country rats and town rats in Delta State PDP and APC in agreement with the grey- heads and home-reject at the national level plotted to scuttle his dream of installing good governance in Delta State through the instrumentality of justice, fair play and democratic principles by ensuring that the democratic potentials of Urhobo demographic strength is tested once again in 2019.

But like a fish, they planned to dole him out of water, remove the structure of his political party (the APC) from his hand and kill the Urhobo dream to end the reign of thieves, rogues, devilry and shameless corruption in Delta State.

However, the trolls and their accomplices were analogous and by the time the trumpet of war was sounded, the camp of the enemy was in disarray with countless casualties littered and abandoned and Ovie Omo-Agege, the political strategist and defender of the right of the down-trodden, once again came out victorious.

It was this latest victory, not undermining the previous, that engendered people of Urhobo nation and members of the APC across Delta State to on Friday, July 13 move enmasse’  and gathered  at the Osubi Airport to give Senator Ovie Omo-Agege a heroic welcome home after many months of being away in the battle fields.

Responding to questions posed to him by journalists during the airport reception, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege appreciated the support and solidarity of the huge crowd that gathered to welcome him home.

He said the huge crowd sent one clear message across; that his people were satisfied with his performance at the senate as their representative.

He saw nothing wrong in the drama that played out among members of the APC in Delta State and the nation at large saying differences in ideas and interests always occasion such skirmishes but confidently, he reassured that all differences would be reconciled for the APC to deal with the trolls and gnomes and ensure good governance for Nigeria and the people of Delta State, emphasizing that “nobody can stop Buhari’s re-election”.

To Deltans and his constituents he said: “What is important is to present a credible candidate that can move Delta State forward, we are confident that Delta State has somebody who can take Okowa out of Government House, Asaba and I want to assure you that by the grace of God, Ogboru is our next governor”.

Prodded for his reaction to the recent recommendation by the National Assembly for his suspension from the senate for 180 days, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege said: “The people of Urhobo sent me to the senate to represent them, so, for some people in the House of Representatives who represent only two local government areas whereas I represent people from eight local government areas, to purport that they will suspend me, a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a joke.

“They know I will fight them to the last. They want to intimidate me because of Mr President. They want to use me as a scape – goat. I will fight them. Saraki knows what I can do. I will fight them and humiliate them. The Court has spoken that they do not have the power to suspend me and if they dare, they know the consequence”.

Laud applause, hails, acclamation and ecstasy of wild jubilation was reverberated by his constituents as he marshaled words of courage and renewed hope of liberation for the common folk,  the people cheered and the elders including Chief Great Ogboru, Chief Frank Kokori and other political leaders nodded their heads in approval of his stewardship performance report and saying, “go on our Hero, speak with the enemy at the gate.”