By Victor Igherighe




Chief Joe Omene

Chief Joe Omene

It was a celebration galore in Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-uku as the current President General of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Chief (Engr.) Joe Orode Omene personally graced the 12th Urhobo Students’ Annual Cultural Day of the institution.


Speaking during the occasion that took place at the campus C of the Polytechnic, Omene noted that it was the first Urhobo students’ cultural anniversary he has attended after he was inaugurated as UPU President reassuring his commitment to the development of urhobo nation including salvaging and preserving the culture and tradition of his people for the purpose of posterity.


The Urhobo number one citizen, who dressed in the Urhobo traditional attire, was overwhelmed with joy not only to see Urhobo students in large number but also dressed in the native regalia. He commended their leader, other executive officers as well as all Urhobo sons and daughters in the institution for their ability to combine cultural activities with academics particularly to organize the annual cultural occasion so as to showcase the rich culture and tradition of the Urhobo people in that part of Delta State.


Omene who could not also suppress his feelings while watching the cultural display aspect of the day’s programme, stood up suddenly to the amazement of everyone, and joined the cultural dance because it was reminiscent of his days in school, a situation that added glamour to the ceremony.


As if that was not enough, he further asked all Urhobo students who dressed in the cultural attire to step out for a group dance with him while doling out new Nigerian currency notes in different denominations unabated to all of them except those that did not dress in the Urhobo traditional attire. This, he said, was part of his appreciation and encouragement for the students to do more in subsequent Urhobo cultural events.

He noted that those without the native attire were part of the Urhobo people who were driving the culture and tradition into extinction. He, however, charged all defaulting Urhobo sons and daughters in the institution to always cherish the culture and tradition, and most importantly, participate fully in the cultural event in subsequent year.


Omene who was the father of the day also remarked that as usual, Urhobo Students’ Cultural Ceremony was the best of the year in the polytechnic.