His words describe his worth. Dr. Fred Latimore the Media and Publicity Director, O’tega4governor Campaign Organisation spoke with Jon Egie on the raging issues bordering on the crisis in the UPU and the chances of Urhobo producing the next governor of Delta State. He lapoons Ogboru as being unqualified to benefit from the contest of the Uvwiamuge Declaration and sues support for his Principal. The piece is a must read.




Kindly introduce yourself to us sir.



Dr Fred Latimore

Dr Fred Latimore

My name is Dr. Fred Oghenesivbe Latimore, I am the Director of Media and publicity for Olorogun O’tega Emerhor Campaign Organisation, the APC governorship candidate for Delta State.


Some schools of thought have requested Olorogun O’tega Emerhor to step down from the governorship race in Delta State for Chief Great Ogboru believing that two of them being in the race will be disadvantageous to the Urhobo nation, do you see Otega stepping down sir?


The question is out of it completely, I think it is a question sponsored by Ogboru because in the first place let us talk about qualification, who is more qualified? What is Uvwiamuge Declaration? What are the ingredients of the Uvwiamuge Declaration? What did the Declaration say? What are the criteria for any candidate to get the support of the Urhobo people via the Uvwiamuge Declaration? These are the fundamental issues and by the Uvwiamuge Declaration it is that Urhobo want to produce the governor in 2015 at all cost. The elders of the union sat down to look at the past and the future and they discovered that Ogboru has failed four straight elections, he has no muscle to fight the PDP. As you known it, PDP is a master rigger and apart from the fact that they rig a lot, they also have financial muscle, they have the national connection which Ogboru at that time under the DPP lacked. DPP was a small party barely known and he chosed to belong to that party for reasons best known to him and when the party was operating here in the state he was virtually the chairman, secretary, treasurer, managing everything. The party started with him and ended with him. That is the attribute of somebody who is autocratic, people with autocratic tendencies they would want to be the head and the tail, they do not like hierarchy, they do not like structure. I see that in Ogboru and that is why I keep telling people not to be deceived about this man. Ogboru also has antecedent in the past – sponsoring a coup and that alone is a very sensitive issue which nobody can play down on. A man who has that kind of guts can do anything and he goes away with it. I am not trying to assassinate his character I am only trying to say that when you talk about election where the future and welfare of people are concerned and should be protected then you need a man of integrity and honour, a man who has no criminal past and who does not have such tendencies as a to jeopardising people’s future, that coup is meant to taking over power by force and in the process of doing that violence occur and people can be killed, blood can flow to actualise that process. Those are the things today in Uvwiamuge Declaration, it is becoming tense and fierce and this also is caused by the same Ogboru of a man who has failed the Urhobo people for four straight times. But lets leave that for now, let us talk about the qualifications for the Uvwaimuge Declaration, it is written down there because we do know that the UPU wing of Omene will want to go to court as we get along, if they go to court the court has a lot to hear because some of these utterances were made under camera, recorded in video, visual and audio kept by some people where Omene declared and some elders declared that either of the two national parties, APC or PDP that throws up a gubernatorial candidate we are going to support and he will fly Urhobo flag. UPU is not a political party, it is apolitical but they wanted to achieve that aim through a national party by way of producing a governor in 2015. So, it was an open offer to the two national party and in the law of contract, offer, acceptance and consideration go together. In this case, an offer has been made, the consideration is that give us a candidate and you have it. PDP said no, we don’t want your offer, go to hell with you and your offer, we are not interested; APC said we want the offer, we will give you Urhobo candidate and the candidate they gave is without blemish, he has no criminal record anywhere, he has never organised a coup, he never stole, his name is not in any newspaper in this country as a 419 or as a racketeer; a man who has a first class degree in Accounting from the University of Nigeria. Nsukka and was trained by one of the best accounting firms in the world and thereafter he started his banking career and he rose to become a deputy general manager of GT bank, he was a pioneer MD of Standard Trust bank which later merged with UBA, he started, managed and owned First Atlantic bank which later merged with FCMB bank, he is a turn around expert, he is the chairman of Transcorp and the chairman of Standard Alliance Group which has over 40 subsidiaries in the financial sector and all of them doing exceedingly well. This is the candidate we are talking about. We are not talking about a fisherman that is bankrupt, as we speak Ogboru is bankrupt, he has cases in court. In fact, the Debt Management Office described him as a man who hates to pay debt, which means he has the money somewhere but he doesn’t like paying debt. That is the man you want to make your governor. Now if you give your financial portfolio or treasury of a sate to a chronic debtor, not just that, a man who hates to pay debt, what are you going to get out of it. We have over grown the realm of charismatic politics, I think what Ogboru is doing is charismatic politics, human relations and not the nitty-gritty of politics. I can crack joke with you and you just like me and then I become a great politician, that is not politics.


But it has been helping him all through although he has not been sworn in?


Finishing is the issue. If Nigeria has a good football team and never scores a goal does it make sense to anybody? Ogboru did not win any election, all the court cases he had he lost all, Uduaghan defeated him in all the 17 cases and went for thanksgiving service. So, what are you talking about here. You see, the people over glorify Ogboru; Ogboru is not as important as the Urhobo people think and that is why I am saying to you that the Uvwiamuge Declaration needs a credible candidate and he must come from a national party and so long that Ogboru does not come from a national party, he came from an infinitesimal party, a party that has no governor in the whole country, a party that has no senator, no member of House of Reps, no member of the House of Assembly in Delta State, a party that cannot even produce a councillor; given the criteria of the Uvwiamuge Declaration, the basic ingredients, the qualification for Urhobo to back you up under Uvwiamuge Declaration Labour Party did not meet it, therefore if they did not meet the criteria then Ogboru stands disqualified automatically and therefore the issue of Emerhor who comes from a national party, with a first class degree and a private sector driven Manager who has proved his worth in the financial sector to step down for a man who came from a party that does not qualify under the Uvwiamuge Declaration is like you are saying you prefer darkness to day light and when people begin to prefer darkness to day light, you know there is problem.


Alright sir, before the elders of the UPU considered and made the Uvwiamuge Declaration did they also take into consideration the persons of O’tega and Ogboru?


You see, that is what I said in my last press statement when Rex Anighoro issued an ultimatum on Osibanjo that he should dissociate himself from the Onoge led UPU otherwise they would declare him persona non granta in Delta State and I said the boy lacks both legal and moral justification and I also said that this Ogboru you people are talking about you do not reason well. If Ogboru was so important to the Urhobo nation, so important to UPU that UPU does not want to take their eyes from Ogboru, when Uduaghan and PDP struck a deal that they should bring Urhobo candidate why did they not go for Ogboru? Why did they go for David Edevbie? They presented David Edevbie as Urhobo candidate that they have screened all the Urhobo candidates and the most qualified and eligible candidate is David Edevbie and David Edevbie did not make the primary. So, if David Edevbie had made the primary where would Ogboru be? Would Joe Omene, Rex Anighoro and co, would they be now saying that David Edevbie should now step down for Ogboru of Labour Party? They will not say that. You see, the Arithmetic is very simple, I even want them to go to court so that when we get to court, where law and common sense is applied and conscience, good will and equity is applied Omene and his crew will answer some of these questions. When PDP said give us an Urhobo candidate did Ogboru travel out of this country? So, if your candidate, Edevbie had made it would you be talking about Ogboru today in UPU? The answer is no. So, why the sudden change from a national party to a small party? Simply because Joe Omene has a personal relationship with Ogboru and he struck a deal with the presidency, please let this be printed in bold letters, PDP is the father of Labour Party and Accord Party. I was in PDP and I am telling you this. PDP owns Labour Party and Accord Party. So if you see a PDP man who was not given a ticket and he ran to Labour or Accord do not think that he has left the party, he only went to his brothers house to go and relax. When Ogboru was broke and the federal government decided to have mercy on him, they said before we can give you contract to revive and rehabilitate you financially you have to go and join our small party and from there we can begin to reassess your character and loyalty before we can bring you to the mainstream of the PDP family. He went to Labour. When he entered Labour they gave him contract to go and build military barracks in Bayelsa and other places and they released money for him and so he recouped all the money he spent doing cases and elections and before the general election, he was paid substantially, well mobilized to come and divide the Urhoho votes because, if Ogboru does not do what he is doing now Okowa will not win. Ogboru knows that having come from a minority party, an infinitesimal party, small Akiko party, for him to be doing this when he knows that he is not qualified by the Uvwiamuge Declaration, he is an agent of destabilisation of the Urhobo nation and Omene being a corrupt Urhobo leader, the worst corrupt Urhobo leader that we ever had since UPU was formed 84 years ago, he is the man who speaks from the two sides of his mouth; the man told us in the UPU house in Uvwiamuge after the primary, the day he was adopted as the substantive UPU President General, he said under this dispensation, PDP is an enemy of the Urhobo nation, that never again will UPU do anything with PDP because they have deceived and failed to give us an Urhoho candidate. Everybody clapped. It is on video, I have my own copy of the video. Rex Anighoro and his crew, although he has called me now to apologise, we went for interaction, Ighelle called the two Urhobo candidates, Ogboru and Otega for interaction, Ogboru never showed up. Anighoro was the one who officiated, the MC of the occasion, he declared on Podium, recorded on tape, that Urhobo was done with PDP. Then after these two events, we saw Omene in Aso Rock shown on TV. What was he doing there we asked. They said he went to consult Jonathan and immediately after he came back he issued a press statement that Urhobo will deliver one million votes emblock for Jonathan as if he is the one that is going to cast the vote. You see the political rascality? Jonathan of which party? The same PDP that Urhobo has declared enemy of our nation for not giving us a gubernatorial candidate? Is it the same party that you want to give one million vote? Even a child of five years old knows that for Omene to say PDP is an enemy of Urhobo nation and after two weeks the same man says PDP is now the best party in Africa, something went wrong and the question people are asking is Omene, what went wrong? Tell us what went wrong? The youths have accused him that they gave him about two billion naira and they have also said that during the days of Late Aziza if he went to Aso Rock whatever money he was given he paid it into the UPU account, that Omene will visit the Presidency, governors and everybody but the money is not found in UPU account. He shared it with his cabal, with the corrupt Urhobo leaders. The day we will take them to the people’s court they will answer questions. But again, Ogboru is not going to win this election because there are so many reasons; UPU cannot partner with Jonathan and believe that in partnering with Jonathan Ogboru will become the governor of this state because if they partner with Jonathan and he (Jonathan) wins the Presidential election, Jonathan will throw his weight behind his candidate. There is no way on earth, quote me, that Jonathan will now abandon Okowa and say let me support Ogboru to win this election, and if, God forbid, Jonathan is declared the President and he throw his weight behind Okowa, who is UPU and Omene to stop him? If they can stop him were they able to stop PDP in the primary election? So what machinery does Ogboru have before that will now make him to support PDP to win the election?


Why did you say God forbid if Jonathan wins?

Because Nigerians need change. The PDP misrule for 16 years has caused people acute poverty, joblessness, agony, confusion and suppression and Nigerians have woken up from their slumber to see that this arrant nonsense they call leadership must stop. Our treasury is empty, the Delta State government is broke, the federal government through Okonjo Iweala are telling us now to tighten our belt, now they are screening people who do export, if you export something you must pay your money in less than seven days because they need money urgently and that is why I said God forbid they will not win.


Is it that bad?

It is that bad, read your business pages in newspapers and you will see that we are broke, there is no money anywhere.


But the antecedents of Buhari can it carry him to fly?

What antecedent does he have?


A coup plotter who committed a felony that you ascribed to Ogboru earlier and he was a brutal dictator which make people feel bad about him.


The man was discipline that is what the people call brutality, Buhari was discipline. He and his colleagues taught us how to queue up and wait for your turn. The man was discipline and Nigerians were not used to discipline so they turned him to tyranny and as we speak there is no record anywhere that he killed one innocent citizen during his regime.


How about those adverts on TV?

Those are political propaganda concocted and conceived by Femi Fani Kayode, the most destructive and wicked political communicator in this country today. And quote me, Fani Kayode will further add to the sinking of the PDP because of his political rascality.


So do you see Buhari winning the election?

Clean and clear and that is why they now postponed the election because it was clear on the notice board that APC has won the election. So, what they are doing in PDP which I know, you know they are master riggers, they are now trying to buy time to see if they can remove Jega and bring in their candidate who can help them to rig the election, that is why they are not distributing the PVC so that they can rely on the Temporary Voter’s Card (TVC) so the TVC will take the place of the PVC. So TVC minus PVC will be equal to rigging and victory for the PDP but God forbid, we will not use TVC, Nigerians who have been able to collect their PVCs will cast the votes and we will decide because it is only the TVC that can guarantee victory for the PDP, if only PVC is used PDP will crumble both in Delta State and at the national level and in a lot of other states PDP will crash.


When that happens, if God permits that Buhari wins, what advantage does that pose for your principal?


What it poses for him is that it will enable him to take a more pro-active decision that we cannot be in opposition and with the mentality of such realization of the fact that APC states have been performing very well, look at Edo State that they said is a civil servant state, Lucky Igbiniedon my friend was there for so many years nothing happened Adams Oshiomehole has turned the state into day light and people are seeing these things and are happy. If Buhari wins the election the Urhobo nation will automatically pitch tent with the government of the day and that is what we are going to get.


Joe Omene is alleging that Olorogun O’tega Emerhor is fuelling the crisis in the UPU, how do you react to that?


It is Omene that is fuelling the crisis through his personal corrupt tendencies. Omene is a corrupt man I told you, he has been eating from all the candidates, quote me, write it down in your paper and let him take me to court and say that it is libellous, there are evidence to show that since he did not abide by the rules of the game he himself laid down the criteria for qualification for the Uvwiamuge Declaration and he now subverted that same process, he is a corrupt leaders who is not fit to speak for the Urhobo nation. In fact, he is the past President of the UPU, he is no longer the President of the UPU.


Do you believe in the new President Onoge?

Onoge, everybody knows him, go and ask those who know Onoge in terms of character and pedigree. All the money that Omene collected if you give half of it to Onoge he will not greet Emerhor the next day because I know that Omene has the capacity to speak to the Presidency and the state government. If Onoge gets N500 million he will be on top of the world but he has rejected every penny to say that this is not what we said at Uvwiamuge, we said in Uvwiamuge that any of the two national parties that give us governorship candidate we will follow and Labour Party is not a national party, so why are we throwing back our words, we have vomited PDP why are we now swallowing it again? Onoge is a man of integrity and honour and I love him so much. We need more of him in Urhobo land. Omene was one of those who made us to leave PDP because I was the campaign communicator for Obuh and while we were there struggling for the Obuh ticket Urhobo were bombarding us that we were supporting the North that they will even kill us when we come home. So when the thing became tough and our youth in the social media were bombarding us everyday, that we have abandoned our own cause, so we said since Obuh has gone out of the race let us just go back and pitch tent with our people and actualise that Uvwiamuge Declaration, that same Omene who made us to leave the PDP and join the APC for the Uvwiamuge struggle was the same Omene that truncated the process. You think if Aziza was alive he would do this? No!


So you miss Aziza now?

Oh! Dearly. I know Aziza will be crying in his grave and wherever he is now looking at Omene he will be weeping profusely telling them look at my brother he has sold out my Urhobo people. Omene is a spoiler 24 hours of the day.


You are very confident O’tega will win by your analysis so far. How do you think this could be? Is there any structure on ground to secure his victory?         

You see, when you begin to buy crowd that does not translate to victory. In Spy who loves me a house wife killed her husband and let her boyfriend inherit his wealth. But they were married, they had children together. The same woman who had children for him is the same woman that killed him. You do not borrow crowd and think that is all. Forget that Deltans are now wise, when they hear that government has given you money to run election they will come to you and collect their share and on the voting day they know what to do and that is how you are going to see a new game changer in 2015.


Plus and minus Ogboru, are you confident that your party will defeat PDP?

PDP has never won any election before, they are riggers and anywhere, any time PDP cannot rig they will not do the election that is why they postponed the presidential election because they were not sure yet they were going to win and until when they are sure they are winning the election will take place.


If O’tega wins what specifically should Deltans expect from his administration?

They should expect good governance, they should expect infrastructural development, they should expect a turn around of this state, they should expect moribund industries to be revived through Private, Public Partnership, they should expect empowerment of our youths and women, they should expect the growth of small scale enterprises, they should expect more attention in the area of qualitative education, they should expect more bursary for our students not peanuts, bursary that will make a child more comfortable and read well and pass well and make Delta State proud; they should also expect technological advancement in terms of channelling it through our schools – primary, secondary and tertiary schools having ICT facilities, they should also expect good and motorable roads, they should expect industrial parks, social welfare services especially for the aged ones, he has said once you are 70 government will place them on special funding to make them happy; they should expect prudent management of Delta State resources because we are talking about a First Class Accounting student, a chattered Accountant and a man who has successfully managed banks, a man who has his name etched in the financial sector of the global economy. What they have witnessed is failure and misrule, what they should expect is a turn around of the misrule of PDP in 16 years.


So they should be expecting a great departure from the 16years rule of the Ibori political dynasty if O’tega comes on board?

Of course, yes, that is what the change is all about.


What message will you give to the electorate?

They should shine their eyes, that PDP has come again with their tricks, they have deceived us for 16 good years and if they cannot know by now that they have been deceived then it is a pity. I want Deltans to realise that to fall again for PDP traps for another eight years will be monumental disaster so they should key into the APC that have shown integrity in the few states that they are that PDP is not worth partnering with in Delta State.


Thank you very much.