By Jon Egie




Chief Dr Ominimini fielding questions from journalists during the occasion.

Chief Dr Ominimini fielding questions from journalists during the occasion.

A Chieftain of the APC, Chief Dr Ominimini Obiuwevbi has described Delta State governor, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa as a very bad man and an unrepentant ethnic bigot who has defined himself as a one-term governor and should never be allowed to rule Delta again.

Chief Ominimini gave the assessment while fielding questions from journalists; Saturday, Sept 9 in Ughelli during the occasion of the decamp of Olorogun Ovoke Oshasha ( a former stalwart of the PDP ) to APC.

Asked to comment on the new entrant the APC has received in the person of Olorogun Oshasha and his followers, Ominimini said: “There are certain things you do not need a soothsayer to tell. From what is going on in Delta, there is a State mood or State thinking which philosophically can be described as what will come to be very shortly. The State mood right now is that Okowa has defined himself as a one-term governor.

“Okowa comes from an area that does not contribute any tangible revenue to the coffers of Delta State, either by internally generated revenue (IGR) or by oil derivation. These two sources, IGR and federal allocation by oil derivation and even VAT; nothing comes from Okowa home area. The State thinking right now in another direction is that it will be difficult for somebody who does not come from an oil producing area of Delta State to become the next governor because, Okowa is developing his local government area at the detriment of other local government areas. The infrastructural development of these other local government areas is few but those from Okowa Ika area will tell you Okowa is working because there is no even distribution of amenities.

“When the Urhobo man was there during the time of late Felix Ibru, there was equal distribution of infrastructure, when Ibori an Urhobo man was there, there was spread of infrastructure and when Uduaghan was there, there was also spread to a reasonable extent. But Okowa has eroded the spirit of unity and unison. Okowa has defined himself as an ethnic bigot.

“Some of us thought that with detergent or science through the application of chemicals, the nostrils of the dog can be changed from its true black colour but we have been proven wrong by nature that the nose of the dog can never be changed even with an invention of detergent and that is what Okowa has taught us-a bad man is a bad man.

Commenting on the fate of local government workers in Delta State who are owed salaries running over 13 months, Ominimini said: “Workers in Delta State should use the instrument of collective bargaining to suffocate Okowa because as it is, the Joint Account is made as a relief to the local governments but instead, it is now a punishment.

“What comes from the federal government by way of allocation is being frittered by Okowas and what gets to the local governments is less than what comes to them actually from the Federal Government. Okowa uses the instrument of the joint account to siphon the money of the local governments and thereby putting the local government workers into untold hunger. We do not need a governor such as this and may God help us” Ominimini said.