By Kingsley Abavo, Benin

Odionwere, Pa. Samson Egbon

Ogueka village in Uhunmwode Local Government Council area of Edo State has no Ohen (Priest) let alone being in charge of its affairs, the Odionwere, Pa. Samson Egbon has declared.

Pa. Egbon was installed in 2017 after approval by the Benin Monarch, HRM Oba Ewuare II, as the Odionwere (traditional Head/elder) of Ogueka village.

But Sunday Uwagbai, Ohen (Priest) of Okwaihe in collaboration with the second in command; Idahosa Osagie claiming to be the Odionwere, allegedly usurps his authority as the traditional Head legally recognized.

The Odionwere weekend told Spy News in Benin, that the Ohen in connivance with Idahosa suddenly disputes the approval of Oba Ewuare II which made him Head and authority of the village in trust for the Benin Monarch.

Uwagbai in effort to forcefully claim headship of affairs of Ogueka village has divided the people into factions promoting a fresh crisis.

He instigates the people to revolt against the substantive Okaighele (leadership of the Youths); Victor Osarenotor who was duly installed by the Odionwere, and elders – in – Council, after approval of Oba Ewuare II, also in 2017.

Continuing, he said Ohen Uwagbai has resorted to arresting the Okaighele for falsified allegations, and after investigation, the Police have asked that he takes his case to Palace of the Benin Monarch for attention.

“Uwagbai is not a recognized Ohen in Ogueka as he claim. We are not aware when he was inducted by the Palace of the Benin Monarch. So, he has not the authority he claims. He and cohorts are only be mischievous and dubious.”

The Ohen has no authority to remove the Okaighele from office; this is not the era of Community Development Association (CDA), Pa. Egbon pointed out.

Calling on residents and people of Ogueka to remain calm and go peacefully about their daily work, Pa. Egbon appeal to Oba Ewuare II to summon him and Uwagbai for resolution of the brewing crisis.

All efforts to reach the alleged: Uwagbai and Idahosa for reaction were not fruitful as at the time of filing this report, weekend.