Hon. Chief Paul Okogu is a chieftain of PDP in Ughelli North LGA. He is a staunch believer and firmly supports the Elder Godday Orubebe project to be the next governor of Delta State. He is the Coordinator of Delta People’s Forum (CDPF) in Ughelli North LGA.


In this interview with Jon Egie he declared that Obuh cannot be the governor of Delta State and reassures that Orubebe will take over from Gov. Uduaghan come May 29, 2015.




Chief Paul Okogu

Chief Paul Okogu

Hon. Paul Okogu, do you still believe in the Orubebe project?

Well, as you can see, the next governor of Delta State come May 29, 2015 is Elder Godday Oghenevwede Orubebe. He is going to mount the mantle of Government House, Asaba. As a matter of fact, he is the one who is going to take over from Uduaghan come May 29, 2015.


How come Oghenevwede comes with his name, he is not an Urhoboman?

Yes, he is not an Urhoboman but you know what is called affiliation, Orubebe has lived all his life in Urhobo land, Uvwie in particular and so, coming by the name Oghenevwede shows that he is a part and parcel of the Urhobo people.


How did you come to the conviction that come May 29, Orubebe is going to take over from Uduaghan?


Yes, Orubebe as I know him to be is a man of God and power comes from God and to see a man of his calibre at that level giving everything to God and as a child of God you will have the conviction that this man, God is taking him somewhere and God is taking him to no where else than the Government House, Asaba. Like I believe, it takes that of the spirit to know that of the spirit and I know that no man cries unto God as God’s servant and God will not answer him. For the first time in Delta State we are going to witness a governor that preaches the word of God on the pulpit and in the church. We will see a new governor that throws away pride and preaches the word of God like any other Pastor. Many people will be converted to Christ by the time Orubebe becomes the governors of this State. They will know the efficacy of prayer and realise that there is nothing God cannot do. And so, the Orubebe that I know will certainly be the next governor come May 29, 2015.


Going by the political dynamics of Delta State presently, are you not scared of the Obuh project?


The Bible says all things worketh to the glory of God and I know that all these noise about Obuh are working towards Orubebe achieving his ambition and I am not scared of the noise about Obuh, Obuh cannot become the governor of Delta State. I know Deltans, they know who is a politicians and who is not a politician and so let those who are politicians remain politicians and let those who are retired civil servants remain retired.

That is interesting, but you know going by the present scenario, the structure of the party (PDP) is in the hands of governor or the Obuh camp, so how is it going to be possible, will Orubebe emerge as the governor of Delta State on the platform of another party?

Thank you very much, God works in so many ways and I believe that Orubebe as a man of God will be the next governor whether Uduaghan or Obuh has the delegates’ list. You will agree with me that there was no true delegates’ election, they were all arrived at by consensus, there was no voting anywhere and so, if they want to go by that arrangement Orubebe could as well have his own arrangement and so at the end of the day, the people will decide who should become the next governor of Delta State.

Now it is becoming more interesting when you say that the people will decide who becomes the next governor of Delta State but your belief that Orubebe will become the next governor of Delta State is it based on spiritual conception that God answers all or on political empirical calculations? 

A lot have been put in place to come into that conclusion. One, Orubebe is a proven Administrator. A man who has held political offices throughout his life time starting from councillor to chairman to board member to party chairman, then to a special adviser and then moving ahead to become a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Sometimes in our environment when somebody is appointed as a Minister and he stays for one and a half years or two years, we roll out drums to celebrate him. This is a Minister that has served for over six years, that tells you that there is something in him that has made the President to retain him in that office. While others were being dropped he was being promoted and retained and so we believe that there is enormous deposit in him and that such a person will certainly be a good governor. Orubebe is a very simple person; he is calm, calculating, radiant, ebullient and all that and I know that the qualities of a good governor are embedded in him.


How does the exit of Governor Uduaghan from the senate race balance the political equation of Delta State?

It really has nothing to do with the political equation in Delta State. For a governor to become a Senator is also the party’s decision and the people’s decision. If the people in that area feels that it is not in their best interest for him to be a Senator then they have the right to take any decision but such a situation does not affect the political equation of Delta State because it is just one senatorial district.


So, where do you expect Uduaghan to retire to now?

For a man who has been in government for over eight years certainly he has so much to do. We are not in a position to advise him; he could take to schooling, he could take to reading, he could take to pastoral work or farming. There is so much for him to do. He could also go and rest. For a man who has been a governor of an oil rich State for eight years he has done so much and he needs to rest.


Finally, can you say that Uduaghan has at last finished strong?

Well, from the look of things we are not to judge. I am not to judge but I do know that he has tried his very bit and when a man has done his best it is only God that can judge if he has done well or not. From what I have seen so far, he has done so much for Delta State. He has transformed the transport section of the State completely and his record in that particular axis stands out and looking at some other things he has done visa-vis the mega projects one would give him a kudos. So, I want to say that Uduaghan has done his very best.


Can you say his alleged support for Obuh which attempts to retire politicians who have been active since 1999 is a kudos and a credit to him?

Since it has not been done I will not say it is a kudos to him, he is ……. attempting to do it and I doubt if that will see the light of day because Orubebe is there waiting to take the mantle of leadership from him. This one might just be a child’s play.


Thank you very much.