By Jon Egie




HRM, Ovie R.L.Ogbon, Oghoro 1, The Owhorode of Olomu

HRM, Ovie R.L.Ogbon, Oghoro 1, The Owhorode of Olomu

President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised to observe, 100 percent, the tenets of the Islamic religion in order for his administration to succeed.

HRM, Ovie Richard Layeguen Ogbon Oghoro 1, the Owhorode of Olomu kingdom gave the advice in an exclusive interview, eve of the celebration of his 100th birthday anniversary.

The centenarian monarch said the Islamic religion does not prioritize evil rather it seeks for peace, love and unity “so, once he adheres to the tenets of his religion almost half of the job is done”

The monarch also asked the president to listen to Nigerians saying that a leader who is not listening to the people is not people oriented and would be described as a bad leader.

While urging the president to press on with the anti-corruption fight, he said the task of ridding Nigeria of corruption is herculean but as the leader of the country, he encouraged Buhari to be consistent with the fight fairly by ensuring that people in APC who are known to be involved should get equal treatment given to those in PDP.

“He should make himself the President of Nigeria and treat politicians of APC, PDP and other parties equal so that members of the opposition would not see him as victimizing them.”

Appreciating the gesture of the president in payment of the sum of N5,000 to unemployed graduates in Nigeria, the monarch made case for the aged and very old people in Nigeria who according to him, need the Federal Government’s support to prolong their lives.

“Finally, tell the President that we want to see him in Delta state. Since he assumed office as President, he has not visited Delta state. We want to see him in every state of Nigeria so that we will know that he is the President of everybody” the monarch said.