By Jon Egie



Asst Corps Commander, Olusegun Olusola, Ughelli Unit Commander.

Asst Corps Commander, Olusegun Olusola, Ughelli Unit Commander.

With the yuletide visibly ahead, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has called on road users to obey traffic rules and regulations to make the roads safe.

Assistant Corps Commander,  Mr Olusegun Olusola who is the Unit Commander, Ughelii made the call in an exclusive interview with our reporter.

He appealed to drivers to plan their journeys with the utility of time so as to avoid speeding while on the road as most road accidents are caused by over speeding. For this reason, he said, the Corps is making frantic effort to check over speeding via the introduction of speed limiter devices concentrated more on commercial vehicles.

He urged road user, again, with emphasis on commercial drivers to do all the things they ought to do before and when on the road especially possession of caution sign, fire extinguisher, genuine driver license, working wipers, efficient lighting system and wearing of seat belt.

“Do not over take at sharp bend and when it is not safe to do so. Avoid taking one way especially Okada who do short cut. Make sure your tyres are not expired because expired tyres are like a time bomb which can explode any time. It is dangerous to drive at night, drivers should rest enough in the day if they must drive at night and whenever you feel unease, park and rest.”

He warned that violation of any traffic regulation has consequences noting that if the offence is serious the Corps may be tempted to withdraw the driver’s license because such a person is not fit to drive. “We issued it and can withdraw it”.

He appealed to the public especially road users to understand that FRSC personnel are on the roads to ensure their safety. “Obey traffic rules and regulations; do not go beyond stipulated speed limit (100km/h) to be safe in case of emergency”.

He cautioned that a driver can be booked for attempting to corrupt a Corps Marshal and hence warned road users not to give bribe to his men stressing that intelligence officers of the Corps monitor the behavior of Corps Marshal on the road to check if they take bribe.

“As far as I am concerned they do not take bribe and anyone who takes bribe does so with caution but if there is no bribe giver there will be no brine taker”.

He frowned at over loading saying that every vehicle has passenger capacity which should not be exceeded and assured that the Corps will do something about drivers plying Ughelli/Warri Road noted for over loading.

He informed that his men have the right to be on any road across the country as there is no restriction to their position in ensuring the safety of road users and hence called for understanding.

The Ughelli Unit Command over sees Ughelli North, Ughelli South, Isoko North, Isoko South, Patani NA D Bomadi LGAs.