By Abavo Kingsley



Edo IGR collection results from Jan to July, 2018

Edo state governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki has said that the results of the local government revenue reforms are encouragingly manifest and therefore charged all local government officials burdened with the task of revenue generation to speed up effort in the collection of local government revenue so as to sustain the trend.

The governor believed that with a collaborated effort of the local government officials in revenue collection the state government, together with the local government councils can move the economy of the state to a higher level.

An analysis of the local government revenue generated in the state indicates a rise to the tune of N207, 564,394.53 (Two hundred and seven million, five hundred and sixty-four thousand, three hundred and ninety-four naira, 53 kobo) in the month of July. The IGR peaked in the month of June with a total collection of N211, 771,650.17 (Two hundred and eleven million, seven hundred and seventy-one thousand, six hundred and fifty naira, seventeen kobo)  and was least in the month of March with a collection of N130,049,969.32 (One hundred and thirty million, forty-nine thousand, nine hundred and sixty-nine naira, thirty-two kobo)

The results are as shown in the bar chart above.